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      How to make sure they get you a ring you’ll like

      When it comes to engagement rings, it’s important to ensure that your partner will get a ring you will love.

      While it is a momentous occasion, getting proposed to with a ring that you can’t stand can be a big mood damper! Not only is this hard to explain to your partner, but it could be a ring you could end up stuck with if you don’t speak up.

      To avoid this from happening, we suggest you make sure your partner selects a ring that is your preferred style. Not sure how? Keep reading below!


      Tell them the precise ring you desire

      So, there is no room for error — tell them exactly what you like! If you are a person who knows exactly what they want, then the last thing you want is for your partner to blindly choose a ring.. 

      To help them understand and purchase the right ring, we recommend you tell them the details you have in mind. Be specific with the metal options you prefer such as letting them know if you like yellow gold, white gold or rose gold engagement rings

      The same goes for the exact diamond cut you like and your band size. These are all critical points in directing them to the right ring.

      Show them pictures of ideal engagement rings

      Don’t want to eliminate the element of surprise but still want to send them the right way? Then we suggest you show your partner photos of rings you fancy.

      Providing ring inspirations and other pictures will help your partner recall designs you like once they go shopping. 

      To seal the deal show them rings every so often just to remind them of your preferences.

      To really nail the point across, you can even tag them in photos or by commenting on a post. We often post our exclusive collection of engagement rings on our social media and love it when our followers take advantage of our posts, tagging their partners to show them their perfect ring!

      By tagging your partner in an engagement ring photo, they will have a post to refer to when the time comes for inspiration.

      Take them ring browsing

      An obvious yet effective way of ensuring you get the ring you desire is by taking your partner on a shopping trip, and conveniently stopping by a jewellery store. 

      For a light but suggestive experience, you can merely keep it to window shopping. Browse through a store front’s glass display where you can hint at the styles you prefer.

      Don’t live near the shop your desire? You have an endless stock list of engagement rings across Australia at the touch of your finger with the internet! 

      Go online window shopping whilst you are sitting together and subtly refer to the designs you like.

      A more straightforward method is by taking them in-store and trying out rings yourself. Visiting jewellery boutiques will help you communicate which ring you like to be proposed with. This will definitely be as direct as you can get. 

      Plus, this will also give them a good idea of which store to return to when purchasing the ring.

      Ask to buy the ring together

      This method works best if you ask in advance — before they organise a ring and proposal! 

      As a natural progression, many couples discuss the idea of taking their relationship to the next level by getting engaged.

      Being open and asking to go ring shopping when the time is right will deter any ring mishaps from occurring. 

      This will guarantee that you get a ring you not just like, but utterly adore. It will also take the pressure off your partner from selecting the right ring and any anxiety from you. 

      A straightforward approach will save you both from wondering if they will get all the details you want and need for your ring. Plus, if you are buying the ring together, you can also opt for customising a bespoke design! 

      We invite you to sit down with our master jeweller to go through and design the ring of your dreams. With our experience in producing exquisite custom engagement rings in Sydney, you can rely on our services to deliver you a ring you’ll love.

      Ask to buy the ring together

      Now that you know how to make sure your partner will get you a ring you’ll like, we invite you to explore our extensive collection of engagement rings. 

      Be prepared and find the ring you’ve always dreamt of, so you can show it to your loved one. 

      With three locations spread across Sydney, you’ll find a Midas jeweller near you. To arrange a booking with our master jeweller, click here.

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