Oval Engagement Rings

Oval Engagement Rings

Oval cut engagement rings provide a romantic and feminine appeal unlike other gemstone cuts. The mesmerising sparkle of modern oval cut designs are truly unique, working wonderfully in both simple and elaborate vintage settings. Well suited to halos, diamond bands and various gemstones, the oval shape is incredibly flexible.

The Midas Jewellery Oval Engagement Ring collection offers a beautiful selection of designs to catch the eye and the heart. If you are wanting a more bespoke design, our master jewellers can also create a custom masterpiece featuring the oval cut.

For a quality engagement ring that you and your loved one will cherish for a lifetime, the Midas Jewellers will deliver every time.


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Midas Jewellery offers a wide range of oval cut engagement rings across three Sydney boutique stores. To find out more about our oval engagement rings, explore our exclusive collection right here.
What makes oval cut engagement rings so alluring?

What makes oval cut engagement rings so alluring?

This style of cut is a truly beautiful choice for diamond engagement rings. The elongated shape is very flattering, creating the illusion of longer fingers. Not only does is it flattering to the fingers, but it is a sophisticated cut that suits both modern and vintage designs. Oval shaped diamonds are often more affordable than other diamonds, despite appearing larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. Of all engagement ring designs, the oval cut is a stunning option with a warm radiance and style that suits many.

How to customise your oval engagement ring

How to customise your oval engagement ring

There are many ring settings that suit the shape of an oval cut diamond. Decide upon what style you would like. For a feminine ring, use a thin rose gold band with a pavé or micro pavé setting to complement the curvature of the diamond. If you would like a more dramatic look, enhance the size of your featured diamond using a halo of round brilliants and a pavé band. For further ideas on customising oval diamond engagement rings, visit one our boutiques today to speak to one of our master jewellers.

  • What designs can I get an oval engagement ring in?

    When it comes to oval engagement rings, there are many designs you can incorporate into your ring. From a halo design to using a rose gold band, oval engagement rings can come in many different styles. For more information, view our oval engagement rings.

  • What centre stones can be used in an oval cut engagement ring?

    At Midas Jewellery, we offer a variety of stones used as the centre piece in our oval engagement rings. From different coloured diamonds to vibrant gemstones, an oval cut is a flattering design for most stones due to its large surface, allowing them to showcase their full potential. We currently offer emeralds, sapphires and yellow and white diamonds for our oval engagement rings with the choice to customise.

  • How to distinguish an oval engagement ring?

    Even though some designs can be elaborate, the best way to identify an oval engagement ring is by the main diamonds cut. The centre diamond or stone will showcase a round oval cut whether it is by itself or accompanied with other stones.

  • What can I use for an oval engagement ring?

    Oval engagement rings are a great design as the slim shape allows other elements to be incorporated into the ring without it being too complicated. From brilliant diamonds to different shaped stones accompanying the main oval diamond, there are many features you can incorporate. To see what you can do with an oval engagement ring, we invite you to speak to one of our master jewellers.

  • Can I customise an oval engagement ring?

    At each of our Midas boutiques, our in-house master jeweller specialises in custom design rings. They have years of experience that back them up, making them the professionals when it comes to customising engagement rings including the oval design. To design the oval engagement ring of your dreams, come speak to our master jeweller.