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Custom Engagement Rings

Desire a ring that is strictly unique and one-of-a-kind to you and only you? At Midas Jewellery, we offer our bespoke engagement ring customisation services that allow you to create the dream ring you have always wanted.

Bespoke Engagement Rings – Sydney

Bespoke Rings –
Engagement Sydney

Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring but can’t seem to find what you had in mind? Let us help you bring your dream ring to life! Instead of endlessly searching, rely on our engagement ring customisation services to create the ultimate ring for you.

At Midas Jewellery, we proudly have master jewellers at all three of our jewellery stores across Sydney. With each master jeweller backed by years of experience and equipped with knowledge and expertise you can trust in, you will be in the right hands with Midas Jewellery.

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The Creation Process

When it comes creating the perfect engagement ring, you first need to book an appointment with a master jeweller at your preferred Midas Jewellery store. This can be done over the phone, through our website or by visiting in-store.

Once arriving at your appointment, you’ll be treated to unmatched expertise where you can explore your different options. From your many design choices to the ring requirements, you’ll be guided through by an engagement ring specialist who can help you obtain the ideal ring that is suited to your price range.

After selecting your ideal features, the collaborated design will be constructed, bringing your idea to life in a realistic example. With your final approval and review, our master jeweller will go forth using precision and skill, delicately crafting your ring to the highest of standards and bringing it to life.

Custom Design

Customise Your Dream Engagement Ring

At Midas Jewellery, we understand the importance of an engagement ring and what it preciously symbolises to you and your partner. That is why we use our expertise and skill to assist you in obtaining a ring you can cherish as a couple for eternity.

Whether you wanted to create an engagement ring from scratch or make a few modifications to an existing ring, our capable hands will achieve the result you desire. At Midas Jewellery, we believe your ring should be as unique as true love itself and want to convey that in your finished design

Custom Design

Choose your ring setting

Before you can go ahead and select your stone, you will want to discuss the setting you desire. This will help you and the master jeweller know whether your custom designed engagement ring requires further stones in your design, so you can select them at the same time.

With an array of settings available, this step will determine the style of your ring.

ring band setting

Select your stone

One of the essential steps in the design process is selecting your centre stone. Whether you prefer coloured gemstones or a classic white diamond, you can choose the featured stone to match your preference.

You can also select the same or a different gemstone if you have side stones in your design.

precious stones

Customise the perfect diamond

Now that you have selected your diamond, it is time to perfect your stone by narrowing down on the characteristics you want it to obtain.

Carat Weight

This determines the weight of the diamond, and in turn, can increase the value the higher the weight is. We recommend you select the weight of your diamond according to your preferences.

carat weight


Based on a D to Z scale, you can select the colour you would like your diamond. The most valuable diamonds are ‘colourless’ with a grading of D, E and F.

diamond colour


After the colour, it is time to decipher the clarity of your diamond. This ranges from no visible defects to small invisible inclusions that can only be witnessed under 10x magnification. The number of diamond impurities will impact the rarity and value of your stone.

diamond clarity


Once you have selected the properties of your diamond, it is time to choose its cut. This will determine the sparkle of your diamond. Dictating the proportion, symmetry and polish, the cut should not be too deep or shallow as it can decrease the stone’s sparkle.

diamond cut chart

Pick your gem shape

After you have picked your centre stone and its properties, it is time to select the shape of the gem. At Midas Jewellery, we can sculpt your stone to any preference shape or size. Upon request, our master jeweller can guide you to the best shape to suit your style and requirements.

diamond shapes

Choose your band style

Now the stone has been organised; it is time to select the band you want. We highly recommend you choose a band that complements you and the selected stone. From thick to thin, there is a wide selection of bands you can choose from.

ring band setting

On top of the band style and size, you also have a few colours and metals to select from. We offer popular precious metals and colours, including:

ring band colours

Additional Features

The last step in creating your bespoke engagement ring is to add on any additional features. Whether it is detailing on the band or an extra sparkle to the shoulders, there are plenty of options that will deliver you a unique design.

diamond ring features

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