Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The Emerald Cut Engagement Ring is a true statement of sophisticated luxury. The rectangular parallel facets emulate a hall of mirrors, adding depth and drawing you in. This cut, as the name suggests, was first used for Emerald gemstones as the stepped facets improved stability and were used by stonecutters to prevent damage to the stone. The Emerald Cut is the most popular choice of step cut engagement rings as it appears larger than round cut diamonds of the same carat weight and elongates the finger.

The Midas Jewellers have generations of experience in the design of quality collections to satisfy each and every customer. The stunning range of Emerald Cut Engagement Rings across three Sydney boutiques and the opportunity to personalise a design with the help of our jewellers, ensures that you will find the ring that you or your loved one has always dreamed of.

The three Midas Jewellery boutiques in Sydney have an extensive collection of stunning Emerald Cut Engagement Rings. With generations of skill and passion behind every design, Midas is bound to deliver a quality piece for you to admire for a lifetime.

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This exclusive collection of emerald cut engagement rings feature some of Midas’ most glamorous designs. Browse more of our emerald cut diamond rings in store or visit our master jewellers to discuss custom designs.

  • Emerald Cut Diamond Trilogy

    Emerald Cut Diamond Trilogy

    This captivating platinum set Emerald Cut Diamond trilogy design is a timeless statement of elegance and grace. The parallel facets of the step cut give this engagement ring a modern feel with its satisfying symmetry and intriguing depth. For a sophisticated engagement ring design that will make your heart skip a beat, the emerald diamond trilogy design could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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  • Emerald Cut with Brilliant Double Halo

    Emerald Cut with Brilliant Double Halo

    A unique combination of an emerald cut & round brilliant diamonds, this design is one you’ll want to see. A flattering design, the structured emerald cut diamond matched with a double halo of round brilliant diamonds surely makes this piece of jewellery special.

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  • Elegant Emerald Cut with Round Brilliant Halo

    Elegant Emerald Cut with Round Brilliant Halo

    Offering a slender appeal, this ring focuses on a divine emerald cut diamond in the middle that is framed by a halo of round brilliant diamonds. A beautiful combination of emerald cut & round brilliant, this engagement ring is one she’ll want to see when you propose.

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  • Vintage Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

    A vintage inspired piece, this emerald cut diamond engagement ring is certainly a timeless piece that is flattering. With a single halo and milgrain detailing, the uniqueness of this ring is only amplified.

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  • Emerald Cut Diamond Band Engagement Ring

    Extremely elegant, this platinum emerald cut diamond engagement ring exudes luxury. Set high on raised prongs, the emerald cut diamond is secured in four claws. Complemented with diamonds across the band and along the claws and head of the ring, this design is a unique Midas masterpiece.

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  • Emerald Cut Solitaire with Claw Shoulders

    Emerald Cut Solitaire with Claw Shoulders

    The image of elegance and poise portrayed by the Emerald Cut makes it perfect for the modern woman. Our handcrafted claw setting enhances the natural beauty and brilliance of the featured diamond without distraction. Looking for a classic and sophisticated ring? This could be the choice for you.

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  • Square Emerald Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond

    Square Emerald Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond

    Give character to her engagement ring by choosing a coloured diamond or other gemstone that captures her unique style. The intense yellow diamond is secured by yellow gold claws within a double halo of white diamonds and a white gold split band. Could this be the ring that warms her heart?

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What makes an emerald cut diamond ring the glamourous choice?

What makes an emerald cut diamond ring the glamourous choice?

Emerald diamonds carry a sense of Hollywood glamour unlike other styles. The step cut technique used in this style creates a striking symmetry and depth unique to emerald and asscher cut diamonds. The elongated shapes of emerald cut diamond rings are especially flattering for shorter fingers.

How to customise your emerald cut diamond ring

How to customise your emerald cut diamond ring

Looking to customise an emerald cut design? Side stones such as smaller sized emerald cut diamonds or baguette side stones will beautifully complement the emerald cut and its facets. A split band ring design or pavé set style would also work well with an emerald cut diamond, with yellow or white gold of the highest quality.


With our master jewellers by your side, you can certainly customise an emerald cut engagement ring to be the one you’ve always dreamed of. With years of experience behind them, our master jewellers are capable of any design you may have in mind!

When it comes to the emerald cut, there are many ways you can incorporate colour into your design. Currently, we offer yellow diamonds and yellow gold in our designs. However, we also offer you the choice of customising your ring, allowing you to choose the colours you’d like to use.

When it comes to emerald cut engagement rings, we offer a wide variety of designs. From halo to trilogy, an emerald cut is a versatile cut that is very flattering and can be utilised in many ways. It can also be a great cut to incorporate on a side stone or in the band as an alternative to the main diamond cut.

The emerald cut best suits those who have a soft spot for vintage fashion. It is also a very flattering cut for those who have bigger hands and are looking for a design that will have a slimming and elongating effect on their hand.

To find the best emerald cut size, we welcome you to come into one of our Sydney boutiques. When you visit one of our stores, you will be able to try on different emerald designs and sizes. By trying the rings on, you will get a good idea of which emerald sizes and designs you prefer.