Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Utterly romantic, rose gold makes for an enchanting metal that is perfectly suited for engagement rings. A pure gold and copper alloy, this metal offer a vintage appeal that is both sophisticated and feminine.

The rose gold hues create a stunning contrast when paired with both diamonds and gemstones. This makes it a divine metal option that is not only flexible, but is well suited to various styles. Our wide selection of breathtaking designs is the result of this flexible tone.

A considerable feature is the strong quality rose gold metal possesses. The alloy of copper and yellow gold gifts this metal with a flaw resistance and strength that is unmatched. Incredibly durable, this metal makes for a practical choice.

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Each Midas Jewellery store displays a wide selection of rose gold engagement rings for you to choose from. Furthermore, you can select this metal when customising your own bespoke ring.

What Makes Rose Gold A Highly Desirable Choice?

What Makes Rose Gold A Highly Desirable Choice?

Because of its beautiful pink tone, rose gold is wildly popular for those with a refined feminine style. An antique aesthetic, this metal choice has a vintage appeal that correlates to its early origin. This alone makes it a stunning addition to many engagement ring styles.

Depending on the alloy mix, it can change in tone, varying between pink and red. This allows the perfect colour tone to be achieved, depending on the preference of the beholder. Overall, it is one of the most flattering metal choices, complementing all skin tones well.

On top of its gorgeous colouring, this metal is considered to be more durable than other precious gold metals. With no rhodium plating required, it is much more resistant to scratching. This makes it highly practical compared to white and yellow gold. It also won’t tarnish, allowing it to maintain its quality overtime.

How to Customise Your Design with Rose Gold

How to Customise Your Design with Rose Gold

From adding a hint of rose gold into your design to making it your primary metal choice of the ring, we can help you create a design you’ll love. A unique colour, this is an elegant metal choice when creating a one-of-a-kind bespoke ring.

Starting the process, you’ll sit with our master jeweller and see how to incorporate this metal into your ultimate ring. We’ll walk you through all the ways you can incorporate this metal into your design and help you create a unique ring.

Have you found an existing ring you love but want to change the metal colour? We can tailor any of our engagement rings to suit your preference. We can also change established designs to have hints of this metal incorporated. If you want a rose gold engagement ring, Midas Jewellery can deliver you a ring personalised just for you.

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We have made our iconic popular designs available online as well as in-store. This includes our signature range of engagement rings and dress jewellery. Whether it is a diamond design as a gift for your loved one or an engagement ring for your partner, you now have more access to our exquisite collection.

Looking for more? We invite you to visit our store for a more comprehensive selection or to use our bespoke engagement ring services.


Yes, we can certainly customise a rose gold engagement ring. Each of our Midas boutiques features a master jeweller in-store who specialises in creating bespoke one-of-a-kind designs. Sitting down with our master jeweller, you can use our customisation services to create a unique ring that reflects the design you have pictured in your mind.

Rose gold metal achieves its colour through its gold and copper alloy. Made primarily from pure gold, it is combined with copper and silver metal to achieve its rosy colouring and enhanced durability. The ratio of the metal alloy will dictate the strength of the rose colouring.

Of course! In addition to our rose gold engagement rings, we also have a selection of rose gold wedding rings on offer to deliver a pairing of rose gold across both rings.

Yes, rose gold is considered an intense metal colour! In addition to providing it with gorgeous colouring, the alloy that creates rose gold metal also increases durability, making it suitable for daily wear. In fact, rose gold has proven to be stronger than its yellow and white gold counterparts.

The most popular diamond choice for rose gold engagement rings is white diamonds. The white creates a compelling contrast to the rose gold metal, delivering a refined yet feminine combination. As a result, we have an extensive range of existing rose gold designs with white diamonds. However, with customisation, you have the option to create a rose gold design with gemstones such as sapphires and emeralds.