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Vintage Inspired

The Midas Jewellery collection of vintage inspired engagement rings pairs the beauty of vintage design with the brilliance of modern craftsmanship. From the ornate styling of the Edwardian era to the satisfying symmetry and bold combinations of Art Deco design, each of these rings is a stand out.

There’s something so special about vintage-inspired engagement rings. With a romantic feel and timeless appeal, they give your most important piece of jewellery an extra touch of elegance.

Vintage Inspired
  • The Classic Filigree Halo Trilogy

    Our engagement rings are handcrafted to ensure the utmost precision and attention to detail. Combine the best of vintage and modern styles by pairing a halo with milgrain edges for that classic appeal. Add a unique characteristic to an otherwise plain gallery with a fine filigree design that showcases the scintillation of the featured Round Brilliant Diamond.

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  • Princess Cut Pave Halo Engagement Ring

    Beauty, charm and enchantment. This princess cut with a diamond halo blends infinite with vogue. Showcase the centre stone in an eye-catching design featuring Micro Pave set Round Brilliants on the side halo and shoulders that create a dazzling array of sparkle. This design can be altered to feature gemstones ranging from 0.5 to 5 carats.

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  • Brilliant Cut with Pavé halo and shoulders

    A blend of style and sculpture that radiates brilliance. This diamond encrusted design captivates brilliance at every angle, featuring side halo and gallery rails coated with Round Brilliants in Micropave setting. The raised setting and seamless halo give the illusion of a floating diamond above a caw set band. This design can be altered to accommodate diamonds varying from 0.5 to 5 carats.

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  • Princess Cut Diamond Split Band

    Brightness, fire and scintillation. The shine of a diamond comes from its Cut, and so, our signature Midas exposed Princess Cut split band setting puts diamond anatomy on show.

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  • Square Emerald Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond

    Give character to her engagement ring by opting for a coloured stone that captures her unique style. The intense yellow diamond is given prominence by the 18ct Yellow Gold setting, and showcased by a double halo of diamonds meeting Midas’ unsurpassable standards.

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  • The Duo Tone Pavé with hidden milgrain

    Exquisite handcrafted design that showcases the passion of your love and strength of commitment. Midas’ technical craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that even the smallest design element fits seamlessly and harmoniously.

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  • Asscher Cut Trilogy with Pavé Halo

    The Asscher Cut depicts sophistication and class. Combine the vintage trilogy and modern halo styles to create a truly unique engagement ring she will love forever. This diamond encrusted design captivates with brilliance from every angle, featuring side halo and shoulders coated with Round Brilliants in Micropave setting.

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  • Round Brilliant with Micro Pavé domed halo and shoulders

    Modern and chic. The curvature of the Round Brilliant is emphasised by a carefully handcrafted domed Micro pave halo. The Micro Pave encrusted shoulders and gallery create a dazzling array of sparkle that redirects the eye to the centre stone. This design can be made to accommodate centre diamonds of varying shapes from 0.5 to 5 carats.

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What sets vintage styling apart from modern designs?

Vintage jewellery is renowned for ornate and fanciful designs unlike most engagement rings you see today. Dominated by the complex and delicate styles of the Art Deco era, many vintage designs look like something from a fairytale. Clever use of raised settings and combinations of white diamonds and coloured gemstones or difference precious metals work in harmony with to create truly stunning pieces.

How to customise your vintage inspired ring

There are plenty of ways to personalize your vintage inspired engagement ring from the choice of coloured gemstones that hold special meaning to the style you choose to emulate. Both cushion and step cut gemstones mirror vintage trends as well as clever use of symmetry and setting. The beauty of vintage inspired designs today, is that they maintain the complexity of previous styles with the precision and craftsmanship of modern day pieces.