Our Story

The story of Mr Sait Altundag is a heart warming story of a young man’s passion for jewellery design and his love for his wife that led to a successful jewellery business which is now known as ‘Midas Jewellery’. Mr Altundag was born in the 1930’s in the Aramaic village of Midyat. As a young boy he had an artistic flair and was always interested in artistic designs. He often spent time sketching different designs on his notepad. Alltundag took his first job in a small jewellery shop in Turkey.

He spent a lot of time listening to the specific design requirements of his different customers. With his vivid imagination he began designing some exquisite and unique jewellery. Mr Altundag, always stated that he got most satisfaction from the ‘smile’ on a customers face when they finally found what they were looking for.

Our Story

Mr Altundag’s passion for jewellery design and love for his wife Mrs Nicme Altundag inspired him to create his first masterpiece. A silver belt that he designed, handcrafted and gifted to his beautiful wife on their wedding day. This started off his new range of exquisitely designed and delicately hand crafted Telkari jewellery. His designs became so popular amongst the public in that soon Mr Altundag was able to open up his own jewellery shop with many loyal and returning customers. Mr Altundag was passionate about jewellery design but even more passionate about pleasing his customers. He went to great lengths to get the perfect design his customer desired and ensured it was delicately handcrafted with every detail included.

Sadly, in 2012 Mr Altundag died. However, his four sons (Emanuel, Ben, John and Andy) who had grown up seeing their father’s passion for his work decided to continue the family business and follow their father’s vision to be the most unique and exquisite jewellery designer. Mr Altundag’s four sons renamed the jewellery business ‘Midas ’ in 1985 which means ‘King of Gold’. They expanded the jewellery business and opened two stores in Australia which are run by Emanuel and Andy. They also opened a store in Istanbul which is run by John and a store in New York which is run by Ben.

All four sons have the same artistic flair, passion for jewellery design and business acumen of their father. Today Midas is a successful and thriving jewellery business. However, that personal unique touch is still provided to every customer. Mr Altundag’s sons have followed their father’s philosophy and instilled core values of unique jewellery design, exceptional customer service and excellent craftsmanship into the company business.