Coloured Gem Rings

Coloured Gem Rings

This collection features glamourous statement pieces that use a range of stunning coloured gemstones, an essential addition for any jewellery collection. With character and flair unique to these precious stones, each and every piece is an absolute standout. For a unique design that is bound to turn heads, this is the collection for you.

Midas Jewellery Online

Explore our collection of jewellery whenever you choose. You no longer need to visit one of our Sydney jewellery boutiques to access our exquisite range of fine jewellery. Instead, you can find our stunning range of jewellery online, available to browse once you are ready.

We have made our iconic popular designs available online as well as in-store. This includes our signature range of engagement rings and dress jewellery. Whether it is a diamond design as a gift for your loved one or an engagement ring for your partner, you now have more access to our exquisite collection.

Looking for more? We invite you to visit our store for a more comprehensive selection or to use our bespoke engagement ring services.