Stunning and distinct handcrafted designs to turn heads and catch the eye. From classic style to modern appeal, the Midas pendant collection has it all.

  • Circle of Love Pendant

    Circle of Love Pendant

    The circle of love Pendant adorned in diamonds different sizes creating an eye catching art deco piece. The perfect gift for the special lady in your life.

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  • Ocean Flower Necklace

    Ocean Flower Necklace

    The diamond pavé petals of this stunning piece of Midas jewellery brings the superb South Sea pearl to life. The intricate design of this design draws the eye in, highlighting the pure natural beauty of pearls and giving the illusion of a beautiful ocean flower.

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  • Endless Love Diamond Pendant

    Endless Love Diamond Pendant

    Looking for a piece that effortlessly represents your endless love? Our circle of love pendant might just be the perfect gift for her. Dazzled in round brilliant cut gemstones and diamond bevels set with an 18ct white gold claw setting, this diamond pendant is one that radiates warmth and strength.

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  • Stunning Full Heart

    Stunning Full Heart

    A heart full of gold. Yellow diamonds are pavé set on this stunning full heart. The chain consist of bezel set scattered yellow diamonds.

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  • Emerald Beauty with Round Brilliants

    Emerald Beauty with Round Brilliants

    A pendant that will make anyone who isn’t adorned by it green with envy. This striking design is one that will surely sparkle up any ensemble. The elegant oval-shaped emerald is paired with round brilliant diamonds set in a claw setting on 18ct white gold, making this pendant one that is designed for utter brilliance.

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  • Glorious Emerald with Double Diamond Halo

    Glorious Emerald with Double Diamond Halo

    This beautiful 18ct white gold diamond pendant features a divine 1.28ct emerald, secured by a four-claw setting. Providing further sparkle, a dazzling double halo composed of round brilliant diamonds in a claw setting frame the centre stone. Just when you think this pendant couldn’t be any more astonishing, it is further completed with the bail set with 57 round brilliant diamonds in a pavé setting.

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  • Sapphire and Sun Diamond Pendant

    Sapphire and Sun Diamond Pendant

    A sophisticated pendant, this glamorous design focuses on the middle 1.31ct oval-shaped, 4-claw set blue sapphire. Surrounding the centre stone is a halo of round brilliant diamonds, arranged to form a striking sun-like design. A gorgeous addition to any ensemble, this pendant would especially match our generous range of sapphire rings.

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  • Royal Sapphire Tear

    Royal Sapphire Tear

    Fit for royalty, this tear-shaped pendant features the perfect balance of royal blue sapphire and diamonds. With 20 breath-taking sapphires decadently shaped as a tear, 75 round brilliant diamonds on 18ct white gold elegantly frame the design, only further perfecting the design.

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  • South Sea Pearl and Diamond Flower Necklace

    South Sea Pearl and Diamond Flower Necklace

    This perfectly round South Sea pearl is connected to a beautiful arrangement of marquise diamonds, giving a chic and elegant look. The simple design has a timeless appeal, with the diamonds drawing attention to the stunning lustre and perfect shape of the featured pearl.

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  • Diamond Cluster Pendant

    Diamond Cluster Pendant

    A stunning diamond cluster pendant that makes brilliant celebrations shine even brighter with magnificent diamonds. Round brilliant diamonds set in a flower pattern, sparkle with unparalleled brilliance.

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