We’ve compiled a list of our most asked question. Feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

  • What is the difference between a ring from Midas Jewellery and one from another jeweller?

    Midas Jewellery emphasizes quality rather than quantity. Our decades of expertise ensure that every aspect of a Midas jewellery diamond engagement ring is the absolute finest available in both quality and craftsmanship. At Midas Jewellery, we encourage our clients to sit down with one of our bridal experts and take the time they need to select the perfect ring.

  • Do I need to take an appointment to visit Midas Jewellery?

    You do not need an appointment to visit a Midas Boutique. However, if you would like to call ahead, we would be happy to set up an appointment and pre-arrange a selection of rings specifically for you.

  • Why do Midas Jewellery rings sparkle so much?

    Our diamonds must pass strict quality assurance criteria that go far beyond the Four Cs. Our expert team evaluates diamonds taking into consideration not only whether a diamond looks good on paper but whether it meets Midas Jewellery visual standards for beauty and brilliance. Two diamonds can have the same characteristics, but if one has not been cut well, they will not sparkle equally.

  • How Do I Take Care of My Jewellery?

    “Midas offers a free after sales cleaning service.” Frequent wear will cause debris, oil and chemicals to buildup and metal surfaces to dull. All these will detract from its beauty and brilliance. Debris, oil and chemical build up coupled with forceful contact may eventually cause gemstones to loosen or even be lost. It is important to have your jewellery regularly cleaned polished and all stones checked once a year. Gemstones and diamonds are durable, although they can chip when coming in contact with each other and material of equal or greater hardness. When you are not wearing your jewellery we advise you to keep it stored in your Midas packaging you received when purchased.

  • What is more important colour or clarity?

    The importance of colour versus clarity comes down to personal preference. Please see our guide on Our Diamonds for more information.

  • What diamond cuts does Midas Jewellery carry?

    Midas Jewellery carries round brilliant, square emerald-cut, emerald-cut, radiant, asscher cut, marquise, cushion-shaped, oval-shaped, pear-shaped and heart-shaped diamonds.

  • Does Midas Jewellery offer certificates for our diamonds?

    Yes. Every diamond engagement ring is accompanied by an original diamond report from the Gemological Institute of America.

  • What are the most popular engagement ring styles right now?

    Every person has their own idea of what constitutes the perfect ring. Generally round brilliant, cushion and emerald-cut rings are the most popular. The classic design of all Midas Jewellery ensures that the rings we offer will never go out of style.

  • Will Midas Jewellery create custom designed rings?

    Yes. We will be happy to work with you to bring your dream ring to life.

  • Will Midas Jewellery create a setting for my own diamond?

    Yes we do create settings for diamonds that have not been purchased from Midas Jewellery.

  • What happens if my fiancee doesn't like the ring I chose?

    As long as the ring is in its perfect condition, we would be happy to help you select a ring of her choice.

  • Do Midas have a lay by policy?

    Yes, we require a 20 % deposit. Cancellation fee on lay-by is 20% of the total goods. Further payments must be made fortnightly, and all purchases finalised within one month, otherwise goods will be returned to stock. The total lay-by payment must be completed before any goods are taken. No exchange or refunds on lay-bys unless goods are faulty.

  • Do Midas have a return policy?

    We do not refund but we are glad to exchange within 7 days of purchase, if goods are in the same condition as when purchased, and with receipt. We do not refund for incorrect choice.