Blue Sapphire & Diamond Rings

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Rings

The vibrant colour of sapphires and the brilliance of diamonds makes a powerful combination, complementing each other and bringing these pieces to life. This collection of rings takes the unique qualities of each stone, arranging them to emphasise the beauty of each using impeccable design and craftsmanship driven by generations of experience.

  • Royal Blue Sapphire and Diamond Dress Ring

    Royal Blue Sapphire and Diamond Dress Ring

    This ring is one of the finest examples of the quality and craftsmanship the Midas Jewellery master jewellers are capable of. Featuring a stunning pear shaped 5.05 carat royal blue sapphire amongst a sea of brilliant white diamonds, this design is truly breathtaking.

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  • Sapphire and Diamond Pavé Split Band

    Sapphire and Diamond Pavé Split Band

    This design will have you feeling like royalty. This ring design is a true statement of elegance with its striking appearance and balanced design. The rich colour of the royal blue sapphire is highlighted by a delicate halo of white brilliant diamonds in a perfectly polished white gold claw setting.

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  • Sapphire and Diamond Sun Halo

    Sapphire and Diamond Sun Halo

    This stunning royal blue sapphire is encircled by individually claw set white diamonds, inspired by the rays of a dazzling sun they reach out from the featured gemstone. The vibrant colour of this sapphire ring makes it an eye-catching piece with timeless glamour and an unusual and striking appearance. If you’re looking for a ring to leave you in awe, this is the design for you.

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  • Sea of Blue

    Sea of Blue

    Be immersed in a sea of blue with these breathtaking rings. Fit for a Queen, the vivid hues in these sapphire radiates romance, wisdom and royalty. Delicately encased by round brilliant diamonds individually claw set these beauties can be worn for any occasion.

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  • Sapphire and Diamond Flower Halo

    Sapphire and Diamond Flower Halo

    A central royal blue sapphire takes centre stage in this stunning design. Like the eye of the ocean, this sapphire has a beautiful depth which catches the eye and the heart. Surrounded by individually claw set brilliant white diamonds, the striking contrast of colour makes this ring classically beautiful. For a design that is truly fit for royalty, this engagement ring does not disappoint.

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  • Vintage Milgrain Oval Sapphire

    Vintage Milgrain Oval Sapphire

    A vintage-inspired design that would suit royalty, this sapphire engagement ring is an absolute classic. Set in 18ct white gold, an oval shape sapphire elegantly sits in the centre. A single halo surrounds the centre stone, joined by a surface prong setting that follows through to the shoulders. Only further enhancing the ring, delicate milgrain details surround the ring and the diamond covered basket.

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  • Cushion Cut Sapphire Trilogy

    Cushion Cut Sapphire Trilogy

    A beautiful design, this ring features a centre sapphire cushion cut in a four-claw setting. Joined by two round brilliant diamonds also set in four claws and combined with the 18ct white gold straight shank engagement ring, this piece is simplicity and sophistication at its best.

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  • Oval Sapphire Pear Trilogy

    Oval Sapphire Pear Trilogy

    Absolutely radiant, an oval-shaped sapphire set in a four-claw setting sits in the centre of this design. Further adding to the breath-taking engagement ring, pear-shaped diamonds set pointing outwards from the centre stone, followed by a straight shank set in 18ct white gold. A trilogy design that is unique and elegant, this ring is a fantastic way to have her standing out from the crowd.

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  • Oval Sapphire with Round Diamond Trilogy

    Oval Sapphire with Round Diamond Trilogy

    Classic and unique, this yellow gold trilogy design is one that will have you standing out from the crowd. At the centre, a daring deep blue oval cut sapphire stands proud. Beautifully contrasting the sapphire, two round white diamonds sit on either side. For security, both the centre and side stones are set on four claws.

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  • Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ring

    Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ring

    This sapphire and diamond shield ring presents a stunning example of art deco styling and design. Different cuts and shapes of white diamonds and blue sapphires are precisely arranged to create intricate patterns and a remarkable overall appearance with classic glamour.

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  • Vintage Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

    Vintage Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

    A vintage inspired design, this sapphire and diamond ring is set in 18ct white gold. Set in 4 claws and cut in an oval shape, a gorgeous Ceylon sapphire is featured in the centre. Joined by a delicate single halo, rows of diamonds follow down the shoulder accompanied by a milgrain finish. A ring of pure class and sophistication, this design will perfect any formal ensemble.

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Why are Sapphires and diamonds a good match?

Why are Sapphires and diamonds a good match?

The brilliance of white diamonds is stunning and versatile. They can be paired with any coloured gemstone to highlight its unique and vibrant beauty. A blue sapphire makes a stunning feature stone, especially with a halo of white diamonds or baguette side stones. This style of ring brings out the best in each gemstone.

What are blue sapphires used for?

What are blue sapphires used for?

Blue sapphires are an exquisite stone that can be used for more than just engagement rings. Our breath-taking blue sapphire collection consists of gorgeous ring designs that feature natural sapphires. From formals to your next charity banquet, a blue sapphire dress ring is the perfect piece.


Of course, at Midas Jewellery, we understand the allure of blue sapphires and feature sapphires in both our engagement and dress ring collections. For blue sapphire rings that will suit your next formal outing, we invite you to explore our blue sapphire and diamond rings range.

Just like any quality jewellery, sapphire and diamond rings are delicate pieces that need to be treated with the utmost care. In saying that, our collection including rings have been crafted with precision and care, ensuring you have a product that is made of the highest quality, deterring any breakage. If you do find an issue with your ring, purchased from us, you can bring it in store for us to fix.

When it comes to ring designs, our sapphire and diamonds are full of different designs. From the use of rose gold to featuring a splash of yellow gold or maybe even a pink sapphire, we invite you to customise a ring to bring your imagination to life.

Of course, we don’t just offer sapphire dress rings! We understand that sapphire is a vibrant feature many want to incorporate into their engagement ring design. To cater to all, we offer a large collection of sapphire engagement rings for those who want a powerful ring that will captivate all.

Definitely! Our Blue Sapphire and Diamond rings utilise both diamonds and the alluring blue sapphire. This way you can have the best of both worlds by mixing brilliant diamonds with the elegant blue sapphire. This offers our customers a large selection to choose from as well as endless custom design options.