Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire engagement rings are a choice fit for royalty. The vibrant colouring of blue sapphires has a depth and appearance unlike any other precious gemstone, with a powerful presence in any engagement ring design. Believed to embody faithfulness, wisdom and sincerity, a blue sapphire engagement ring could be a beautiful beginning to your happily ever after.

Each ring in this collection features a stunning combination of sapphire and diamonds that highlights the best features of each beautiful gemstone. These engagement rings would make a gorgeous alternative to traditional designs. If you were after some of the most enchanting sapphire designs in Sydney, we offer one of the most exclusive selections to choose from.


Browse this exclusive range of magnificent Midas sapphire engagement rings. If you love the regal beauty of the sapphire, visit us in store to explore more of this stunning collection.

We also sell a selection of our exclusive range through our online store, making it available to customers across Australia.

What is special about blue sapphires?

What is special about blue sapphires?

Blue sapphires are one of the most popular coloured gemstones not just in Australia but across the world. They are loved for their stunning colouring and beautiful meaning linked to healing, wisdom and sincerity. Their qualities make them a lovely choice for engagement rings or fancy cocktail designs. We also offer a stunning range of pink and yellow sapphires that are equally as impressive.

Customise a Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Customise a Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Want to incorporate the regal blue sapphire into your engagement ring? At Midas Jewellery, all three of our boutique’s house master jewellers with years of experience in customising engagement rings and customer service. From different settings to adjusting the sapphire size, you can sit down with our master jeweller and design a bespoke ring that is one of a kind!

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Explore our collection of jewellery whenever you choose. You no longer need to visit one of our Sydney jewellery boutiques to access our exquisite range of fine jewellery. Instead, you can find our stunning range of jewellery online, available to browse once you are ready.

We have made our iconic popular designs available online as well as in-store. This includes our signature range of engagement rings and dress jewellery. Whether it is a diamond design as a gift for your loved one or an engagement ring for your partner, you now have more access to our exquisite collection.

Looking for more? We invite you to visit our store for a more comprehensive selection or to use our bespoke engagement ring services.


Yes, certainly. The compelling vibrant blue colour of sapphire gemstones is a favoured style that many want captured in their engagement ring. The vintage and elegant aesthetic of the sapphire makes it an appealing stone fit for a sophisticated engagement ring. Popular in the public eye, notable figures like Kate Middleton wear this style engagement ring.

A vibrant stone, the sapphire gemstone is flexible with many ring settings. The most popular settings include the halo, solitaire and three stone/trilogy setting. It is also highly popular for those that desire a vintage design.

For sapphires, white gold and yellow gold are the most common metal choices, with a duo-tone mix of the two a flattering choice. However, we also offer our customisation services to deliver a rose gold design for those who prefer the rosy metal colour.

Sapphires are known to embody faithfulness, wisdom and sincerity. This representation makes it a symbolic yet stunning stone to use in your engagement ring when beginning your happily ever after.

Yes, featuring a mix of sapphires and white diamonds can create a gorgeous combination for your engagement ring. By having the sapphire as your main featured stone, you can contrast and highlight the deep blue colouring with white diamonds surrounding it in a halo or as side stones.

Offering some of the most exquisite sapphire and diamond engagement rings in Australia, you can find various designs with Midas Jewellery.

Yes, we have a selection of sapphire rings in various colours. For something feminine, a pink sapphire ring design is a popular choice. If you want something more eccentric, yellow sapphires are a compelling option.

Yellow and blue are the most popular sapphire colours, with Midas Jewellery offering several deep blues.

Yes, sapphire engagement rings are popular. Sapphires are favoured for their sophisticated aesthetic and compelling royal blue tone. Following the diamond, they are the second most popular stone choice for an engagement ring.

Other appealing factors include celebrities and notable figures with sapphire engagement rings, including Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge. They are also desired for their hardness and resistance to everyday wear, scoring a nine on MOH's hardness scale.

If you want more value from an engagement ring, sapphire engagement rings are more cost-effective. Diamonds are valued more, meaning you can get a similar-sized sapphire at a more affordable price. This makes sapphires more appealing if you have a budget and want more from your purchase.