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      Ways to announce your engagement

      Have you recently proposed or been proposed to? Congratulations!

      As a couple, this milestone is incredibly exciting. A significant moment, there is no doubt you will want to announce the thrilling news to all your loved ones in a memorable way.

      Specialising in diamond engagement rings, we have seen many romantic proposals announced by our loyal customers overtime.

      Whether it be in person or by a social media post, we can help you pick the best ways of sharing the news through our experience and tips!

      To discover ways you can share your announcement, keep reading below.


      Announcing your engagement in person

      As an important chapter in life, it is expected for couples to want to share the news with their loved ones in an intimate way.

      If a personal announcement is what you’re going for, then we bet you’ll want to let your friends and family know first-hand.

      To see how you can personally let the people closest to you know about your engagement, use one of these ideas.

      Announcing your engagement in person

      Spring it on your family & friends in person

      Once the proposal has taken place, organise plans to drop-in or go out with those closest to you. When seeing your friends and family, you can just whip out yours or your partner’s hand with the engagement ring on and give them a big surprise.

      For the best shock effect, make sure to keep your hand hidden or put the ring on last minute.

      To make it fun, keep the ring on and see how quickly they pick it up by emphasising hand movements and trying to put your hand at their eye level.

      Throw a surprise engagement party

      Make the proposal a real bombshell by inviting everyone over for a surprise engagement party! Subtly invite people over for a BBQ and use this event as an announcement AND an engagement party.

      Hitting two birds with one stone, you’ll make the most of your engagement party, using it as your way of announcing the good news while being able to surprise people. This is a great way to celebrate and have everyone finding out at the same time!

      Whether you choose to decorate the place and make the event obvious or keep it as a surprise announcement once everyone has arrived, is up to you!

      Throw a surprise engagement party

      Have your child or pet announce it

      Whether you are going out or having people over, you can leave your friends and families flabbergasted by getting your children or pets into the announcement.

      Simply holding (or wearing) a sign or wearing a shirt with a message printed onto it can make it a cute surprise for your unsuspecting guests.

      This is not only an adorable way to share the news with your loved ones but can also make for a grand online announcement too.

      Good messages you can use include:

      • “My parents are getting hitched”
      • “Save the date xx.xx.xx”
      • “My humans are getting married”
      • “Mum and Dad are going to tie the knot”
      • “Dad asked and Mum said yes”
      • “Mummy is marrying Daddy”

      Announcing your engagement online

      While announcing your engagement in person or through a call can be intimate and sweet. It can be hard to share the news with everyone in your life individually.

      If you have to cover a broad audience, there is no better platform to announce your new status as a couple than taking it online!

      To make your life easy (and if you are on social media), let the majority of people in your life know the big news with these ideas.

      Announcing your engagement online

      Do the classic relationship status update

      Put the announcement in writing by making it official with your relationship status! By updating your status to ‘engaged’ on social media, there is no way the message can go astray.

      This can work whether one or both of you have a profile, so don’t worry if your fiancé is private and keeps off social media. It is up to you whether you change your status or choose to tag and include your partner in it.

      With this announcement style, people can respond collectively in the comments. It will definitely make it easier for you as a couple to thank everybody for their well-wishes.

      Post a stylish engagement ring shot

      A classic method that is not-so-subtle is posting an engagement ring shot.

      You can upload a selfie of you and your fiancé with the ring clearly in the picture. Or you can opt for the more obvious engagement ring focused snap. There is no way this option could miss the mark!

      If you’re going to post an engagement ring photo, keep in mind to choose a setting that allows good lighting and a nice background.

      A green park or lookout makes for a great photograph! For sapphire engagement rings, a beach setting is well suited and complements the rich blue tone well.

      If you have a photographer or videographer present for the big moment, posting a snippet or photo from the proposal can also be a great asset to add along with an engagement ring close up.

      Get creative and use props or create a scene

      They say a photo tells a thousand words, and this no different with images that do not focus on the engagement ring!

      Make your engagement announcement fun and quirky! Get creative and take a photo that incorporates props to add some character to your engagement news.

      A simple yet great idea is by holding a photo shoot. You can use a lightbox to announce your future wedding date or a ‘Soon to be Mrs and Mr’ message. There are plenty of ways you can get the message through. Some ideas may include:

      • Using a chalkboard, sign or lightbox
      • Popping champagne
      • Holding or wearing a ‘Mr & Mrs’ pair-set like mugs or hats
      • Writing ‘I do’ on your hand
      • Printing your wedding date on a meaningful item
      • Photoshopping a billboard or recreating a movie poster
      • Using a wedding-themed prop like a magazine
      • Posing your pet with a message

      Now that you’ve announced your engagement, it’s time to start organising for the wedding!

      As one of the leading jewellers in Sydney, Midas Jewellery is here to help make your wedding band search a stress-free experience.

      With wedding rings for both the bride and groom, you won’t have to go anywhere else.

      To find a band that matches your engagement ring, visit any of our three Sydney boutiques and our friendly team will help you!

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