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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      Taking care of your jewellery

      When you wear high-quality jewellery such as those from our Midas Jewellery collection, you will want to be sure you are taking care of them.

      With daily forceful contact with debris, chemicals and oil, it is expected for jewellery to need a clean or check up on the gemstones every once in a while. This is where professional jewellery care comes into importance. Not only will this help obtain the true beauty of your Midas jewellery piece, but it will also maintain its brilliance.

      At Midas, we offer a free cleaning service for all our lovely customers who purchase one of our gorgeous items. However, we understand our customers will want to continue taking care of their accessories at home. Not sure how? Keep reading below to see how you can do it on your own.


      At Midas, we strive to deliver gorgeous engagement and wedding rings across Sydney. With a passion for rings, it is our goal to share long-lasting jewellery with our clients. That is why with our free cleaning service, we see to it that the gemstones and diamonds in your ring are highly secured to ensure nothing is loose. However, when we aren’t taking care of your beloved ring, we have a few tips to help you do so at home.

      Firstly, when you’re not wearing your stunning Midas ring, we encourage you to keep it in the packaging given to you upon purchase. This way, it’s kept safe inside and doesn’t get lost.

      Gemstone and diamond engagement rings are highly durable, but even their strength can be challenged by contact with objects that have greater hardness. Therefore, to avoid any chipping, we recommend being mindful when wearing your ring. This includes taking it off in any situation that may be threatening to your jewellery.

      Furthermore, to maintain the clarity and quality of your ring, make sure not to get it dirty as much as possible. Chemicals and oil can impact your jewellery—and these can loosen the gems or diamonds. Because of this, we advise you not to wear your ring while you cook, clean or play sports.

      Jewellery care: Diamond rings


      When it comes to earrings, they are generally small and need to be treated delicately. To prevent any loss, we recommend storing your pair in the original packaging it was bought in. This will ensure no dust will get into it and the backing parts (clips, hinges, etc.) will not get lost.

      Our free cleaning service will include polishing and checking your earrings to ensure the gems or diamonds are still strongly emplaced. This is highly important for products that feature micro pavés and gemstones.

      A lot of our earrings involve gorgeous South Sea pearls. To preserve your pearl earrings, we recommend these to be the last addition to your ensemble before you leave and the very first thing you take off when you get home. This will ensure hairspray and makeup won’t deteriorate the appearance of your pearls and maintain their quality.

      As mentioned above, we provide a free cleaning service when you purchase from us. We highly encourage you to bring this to us for frequent cleaning. With skin and debris often caught in the backing, this can possibly cause ear infection if not cleaned regularly.

      Jewellery care: Earrings


      Our necklace collection offers a range of stunning jewellery pieces that vary in size and styles. Because of this, different necklaces will need specific care. However, one thing the majority have in common is that most require care for the chain.

      Chains must be taken care of to avoid any damage or breakage. Our chains are fine products that, if not taken care of, can obtain knots. To avoid this, we recommend not wearing this during contact sports or in situations where it may get caught in something.

      When not wearing your necklace, it is highly advised you keep it stored in its original packaging to prevent the chain from tangling or developing any knots. In this case, we do welcome you to bring your necklace in for one of our master jewellers to fix.

      A range of our necklaces have pendants or features that involve diamonds, pearls or gemstones. This is another reason to utilise our cleaning services, as it is important they are kept clean and secure to maintain its quality.

      As the neck is generally a vulnerable position to many chemicals and oils such as makeup and perfume, it is encouraged you put on your necklace after you get ready. This will allow you to avoid damage to your necklace’s colour and quality.

      Jewellery care: Necklaces

      Other jewellery

      At Midas, our catalogue of jewellery extends from the expected categories. From cufflinks to brooches, we have many collections that all require product care. Just like most of our jewellery, we recommend bringing all your other accessories in for regular cleaning.

      As we use a lot of metal in our products, it is important to be mindful of these materials used in your jewellery. Gold is generally resistant to rust and many jewellery-related issues. Therefore, it is an easy metal to maintain. However, to retain its shine and strength, we still recommend bringing this in for a regular clean.

      Popular in a lot of our products, silver is a gorgeous metal that requires a sturdy level of care. Amongst bringing it in for a frequent cleaning service with our master jewellers, there are other ways to prevent it from losing its colour. This includes avoiding contact with perfumes, creams and other chemical-carrying substances as these can possibly tarnish the quality and colour.

      Just like all our products, we encourage you to keep your jewellery in the packaging it was purchased in to keep it safe from harm and decrease its chances of getting lost.

      Still unsure of how to take care of your Midas Jewellery? Please visit our website to send us an enquiry so we can help you with your product. At Midas, it is our passion and goal to provide gorgeous long-lasting jewellery to our customers.

      Want to explore more of our collection? We welcome you to visit one of our three Sydney boutiques to find the jewellery you desire.

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