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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      Diamonds: A girl’s best friend

      The saying ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ is spot on! And with our range of diamond accessories, you’ll understand why.

      At Midas Jewellery, we use delicate craftsmanship on all our products in order to satisfy all diamond lovers. With years of experience and professional knowledge in sizing, cut and clarity, we strive to serve our customers with a variety of high quality diamond-studded jewellery.

      Whether it is Valentine’s Day or their birthday, a piece of diamond jewellery is a sure way to put a smile on a woman’s face. From rings to bracelets, you can’t go wrong – there is a design for everyone! No matter what style you are after, our Midas stores offer a large selection of diamonds to cater to all preferences.

      Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! To see some of our top diamond products that are popular amongst our customers, have a look below.


      Diamond engagement rings

      The most classic style of engagement rings are those with diamonds as their centre stones. Over time, there has been the introduction of many different stone-focused engagement rings, but overall nothing beats the beauty and simplicity of diamonds.

      At Midas, we offer a range of diamond engagement rings that will suit anyone’s taste. For an engagement ring that is a crowd pleaser, we suggest the Classic Round Solitaire. This is the perfect piece for the refined woman as the ring exemplifies simplicity and elegance. Featuring a minimalist design, this solitaire diamond is a timeless ring that can be adjusted to the preference of the designer.

      Want a diamond ring that is a little out of the ordinary? You’d be pleased to see our broad selection of yellow diamond rings. Unique and eye-catching, these engagement rings will stand out from the crowd. A perfect example of this is the Intense Yellow Oval Cut Diamond. Highlighting a large yellow diamond that’s sat next to two clear round cut diamonds, this is the ultimate combination to show your unique style.

      • Classic Round Solitaire
      • Square Emerald Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond
      • Intense Yellow Oval Cut Diamond

      Diamond jewellery

      Are you looking for a brilliant anniversary gift? Or do you simply want to treat yourself to some decadent diamonds? At our Midas boutiques, we showcase a range of delicate diamond encrusted jewellery that are to die for. From rings to necklaces, we will have a piece for you!

      If you were after a ring that will complement any hand it sits on, we insist you have a look at the Exquisite Rose Gold and Diamond Lace Ring. Consisting of six intricate rows of rose gold bands that are paved with diamonds, this 18ct ring is a show-stopper. If you want an accessory that will make others envy your style, then this is the perfect dress ring for your next big night out or event!

      Not after a ring? If earrings are more your style, we have a gorgeous range of diamond earrings that will match anyone’s taste. For a sweet but stunning pair of earrings, the Elegant Set with Marquise Diamonds might be your next purchase. This diamond stud set is made of Marquise diamonds, making it a thrilling gift for any lady.

      • Exquisite Rose Gold and Diamond Lace Ring
      • Elegant Set with Marquise Diamonds


      Diamond bridal jewellery

      Other than diamond wedding rings and engagement ring, there are more ways to incorporate diamonds into your special day! Maybe you were looking for an elegant bracelet that will match your stunning wedding gown? At Midas, we offer you some of the most exquisite bridal jewellery made of the finest diamonds that will suit any gown.

      The Diamond Eye will be a gorgeous addition to your wedding gown. It’s a vintage bracelet that will complement any bride! Oozing elegance, this design is made of several panels that are decorated in a variety of diamond shapes and cuts – a truly gorgeous piece. Providing the perfect ‘old’ element to your wedding attire, this would be an ideal choice for your big day.

      If you were looking for a delicate necklace to add to your wedding ensemble, you may want to have a look at the Daisy Chain Necklace. This design shouts simplicity and is made of round cut diamonds that are shaped as individual flowers in a chain link. To add both a flare of diamonds and a floral touch to your dress, this accessory is the perfect one for you.

      • Diamond Eye
      • Daisy Chain Necklace

      Diamonds with a twist

      Even though diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend, you can’t go wrong with a collaboration of other elements. From pearls to coloured stones, there are many ways to add charm to the design of diamond jewellery. Not only will this improve the aesthetic, but this will also allow some of the most astonishing pieces of jewellery to be created.

      For a refined and elegant look, our Pearl and Diamond Earrings may be the ultimate match for you. Utilising both diamonds and South Sea pearls, this pair delivers a gorgeous twist to your average diamond earrings. With the diamonds accentuating the hanging pearls, this is the perfect example of our enchanting bridal jewellery.

      Are you after a ring that goes beyond the simple diamond design? We have an extensive range of diamond and stone collaborated rings for you to explore. By using both the timeless diamond and a colourful stone, our rings will appeal to both the classic and the modern woman.

      No matter what your preference is, our collection will have a ring that you will leave you stunned.

      A ring that is both daring and elegant is the Oval Green Emerald with Double Diamond Halo. This is the perfect dress ring to add style to your outfit for that next cocktail dinner. Surrounded by a dashing double halo of white diamonds, the oval green emerald is a striking addition to this design.

      • Pearl and Diamond Earrings
      • Pearl and Diamond Earrings
      • Oval Green Emerald with Double Diamond Halo
      • Exquisite Diamond and Colour Gem Stone Brooch



      Want to look at more diamond jewellery? Come to one of our Sydney boutiques and browse through our generous selection. Our friendly staff will help you find the perfect diamond jewellery, and you can even speak to one of our master jewellers so they can help you design bespoke jewellery.

      Don’t wait, come start your search at Midas Jewellery today!

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