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      Buy engagement rings in-store vs online

      Gone are the days you are required to visit a jewellery store for an engagement ring shopping experience. What was usually the all-important trip to the jeweller has now changed to the click of a mouse.

      With many jewellers taking to the online world, shopping for an engagement ring has never been easier. However, just because it is more convenient doesn’t necessarily mean it is the most preferred purchase journey.

      Are you thinking of proposing to your loved one but can’t decide whether you want to order a ring online or in-store? Let us weigh up your options!


      Buying an engagement ring in-store

      Going to the physical jewellery store is the more traditional method to purchase or design a ring. It has been the only choice for so long, but now times have changed. That doesn’t mean buying a ring in person has now been made redundant. In fact, it offers many benefits that online shopping cannot! 

      Check out these points to see why going to the physical jewellers is still worth the trip.

      It is easier to see the design you are getting

      You have to see it to believe it! It is all good and well to see an image on a screen, but nothing will portray a ring better than seeing it in person.

      When it comes to an engagement ring, you should carefully choose the ring you desire and make sure that all aspects are perfect. 

      Seeing it in an image isn’t always true to size and can be quite deceiving to the final product’s quality. This is especially true for the stones used in diamond engagement rings. Checking the ring in person gives you more opportunity to thoroughly inspect the quality and how it looks rather than taking a gamble. 

      The bottom line is you want a guaranteed and verified product for something as important as an engagement ring. Especially as it is a symbol representing the commitment and love you have for your partner.

      It is easier to see the design you are getting

      You receive a more personal service

      One of the top perks of buying in an actual store is getting a bespoke, personal experience that an online store lacks.

      By visiting the jeweller in person, you are rewarded with an invaluable customer journey. 

      At Midas Jewellery, we treat all of our customers with a warm and welcoming experience. Our unmatched service includes getting to know our customers, walking them through the design process and explaining each design to understand the high quality they are receiving.

      If you shop online, you don’t get the personal face-to-face customer service. For a cherished possession as crucial as an engagement ring, you must understand the effort your jeweller puts into the process and creation of your ring. This is an experience you only get from shopping in-store.

      Plus, the little details are taken care of. Final polishing and lifetime cleaning services are just some of the benefits you get from buying at a physical store.

      You receive a more personal service

      You personally pick up the ring and keep it safeguarded

      The positive of buying in person is you get to pick up your ring and ensure it is kept safe. You don’t have to worry about the handling or delivery of your ring at all.

      There would be nothing worse than to pay for a ring you’ve never seen for it to go missing in transit! To add to the unmatched personal experience buying in-store provides, you get to see the finished product before taking it home, ready to be proposed with.

      This means that after being in the jeweller’s safe hands, it is directly put into yours (unless you decide to have it delivered to you, but generally, it is picked up by the customer).

      Buying an engagement ring online

      As a modern alternative, buying an engagement ring online has become more popular. Many boutiques have started to open online stores and some even transition to being strictly online. 

      While it is a new alternative, the concept of buying on the internet does have its perks. Check out the points below to see why buying an engagement ring online may be the option for you.

      Buying a ring online can be cheaper

      In some cases, you will find prices on engagement rings online are more affordable than those you find in store.

      Due to the absence of overhead costs and the way diamonds are distributed and sold by online vendors, diamonds are not as expensive for jewellers selling online. Because of this, you will find many diamond solitaire rings that can be purchased for a lower price online. However, you need to be careful in making sure the diamond is real.

      Another price factor is that there is a large stock of competitors on the online market, meaning prices need to be more competitive to generate sales. 

      If you want to get a decent ring on a budget, this may be the most cost-friendly alternative. 

      Buying an engagement ring online

      Ordering online can be more convenient and accessible

      While many customers would ideally like to go and purchase their ring from a physical store, it may not always be possible. 

      With opening hours differing from working hours and remote communities not having ideal jewellers nearby, sometimes buying online may be the only choice. Because it can be done at any time, from almost anywhere, purchasing an engagement ring online can be the most convenient solution for many.

      Plus, the ring will be delivered to you. You can organise a ring from the comfort of your own home and have it brought to you within a matter of days or weeks.

      You can get a wider selection of designs

      When buying online, you are not limited to the stock of a store. Instead, you are introduced to a broader selection since many jewellery stores distribute from a factory that houses countless design opportunities.

      You’ll usually find more custom opportunities when shopping for a ring online, especially for stone selections to metal choices. Plus, the chance to change certain features and see them reflected online can be instantaneous to give you an idea of what you want on the spot.

      Just remember to make sure you are buying from a verified store! If they have physical stores as well, they are usually the most trustworthy sites.

      You can get a wider selection of designs

      Have you decided which option is best for you? If you are looking for a physical store to buy engagement rings in Sydney, visit the family at Midas Jewellery. With in-house master jewellers and unmatched service, you’ll find value in our quality stores.

      Furthermore, we can sit down and design the dream ring you have in mind with our customer engagement ring services. No matter the ring you desire, Midas Jewellery can help bring it to life.

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