The Oval Shape Diamond

The Oval Shape Diamond

Oval shaped diamonds are a modified brilliant cut with similar fire and brilliance to round cut diamonds. Created in the 1960s, these diamonds are ideal for someone who likes the look of round brilliants but wants something more unique. The elongated shape of the oval is not only flattering on the finger but creates the illusion of a larger diamond. This means that an oval diamond of the same carat weight as a round brilliant is likely to appear larger. As oval shaped diamonds are less popular than other styles they are often more affordable as they are not in demand.


Oval Shaped Diamond

The oval shaped diamond has an eye-catching brilliance and charming style. It is very flattering, elongating the fingers and appearing larger than other diamond cuts of the same carat weight.

Cathedral Setting

The appearance of this setting is similar to cathedral arches in the way that they support and secure the featured stone.

Half Pavé

Half pavé designs feature diamonds along the band across half the ring, creating additional sparkle and appeal without overpowering the design.

Micro Pavé

The smaller diamonds arranged around the top of the band complement the featured stone. The micro pavé offers a subtle sparkle that does not distract from the centre stone.


The claws fasten the oval diamond in place, curling around the edge of the gemstone to provide security without preventing light from entering the stone.

Hidden Halo

The diamond halo provides a special detail. The extra sparkle enhances the look of the profile for any engagement ring.



A diamond halo offers more than extra sparkle. The smaller white diamonds that encircle the featured gemstone enhance its size and draw attention to its brilliance.

Side Stones

Side stones make a lovely addition to many diamond cuts and shapes. The versatility of the round brilliant means that it can be matched with a range of side stones from diamond baguettes to coloured gemstones.