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Diamond education: the 4Cs and why you must know them

When the time comes to shop for engagement rings in Australia there is plenty to choose from but with the amount of competition around, the best advice jewellers in Sydney will give you is to educate yourself before you buy. The 4Cs are the characteristics of a diamond that determine its value and if you […]

What does my coloured engagement ring mean?

Coloured engagement rings are growing in popularity for their striking and unique appearance and meaning. Coloured gemstones in engagement rings, especially when paired with diamonds, give a design character through their rich appearance. From regal sapphire engagement rings to the warmth of yellow diamonds, this is what your coloured ring means. Sapphire The blue sapphire […]

Rings of royalty

The Royal family has entered a new age of style with women like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle inspiring new trends across the world. From the sapphire and diamond ring to pencil skirts and stilettos, some of these Royal styles are here to stay. With the recent Royal Weddings, a lot of attention has been […]

Are pearls in style?

Many would argue that pearls never go out of style, but they’re often associated with old school glamour and sophistication. In the right piece of jewellery, pearls can become the trendiest item in your jewellery collection. From vintage inspired pearl rings to statement earrings, find out what styles are in. Vintage inspired style The intricacies […]

She said yes! What comes next?

The proposal went well, but you’re not done yet! Start planning your next trip to the jeweller because it’s time to find the best wedding rings in Sydney and there is plenty to choose from. From diamond wedding rings for her to matching designs for you and your loved one, this decision can be just […]