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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      Which precious metal is right for me?

      There are a lot of different things to think about when considering the different kinds of metals that can be used for wedding bands and engagement rings. Remember that these are pieces of jewellery that you’re likely to wear every day for the rest of your life, so they must suit. Most people have a particular coloured metal they prefer to others. This may be because it complements their skin tone or that the tones of the metal work well with the colours that make up their wardrobe. Whatever it may be, it’s important to know what kind of precious metal you will be happy wearing for years to come. Midas are one of the most experienced jewellers in Sydney and we have stunning collections made in a range of the highest quality precious metals. If you want to find out which kind is right for you, keep reading.

      White gold or platinum

      White gold and platinum are two of the most common silver coloured metals used in the making of engagement rings and wedding bands. A solitaire engagement ring set in white gold or platinum is one of the most expensive styles on the market because it is in such high demand. It’s durability also factors into the price. As platinum, the most expensive, is also the most resistant to wear and tear.

      They each differ slightly in colour, as white gold is a little greyer than platinum. However, this can be improved using Rhodium plating which can be applied by your jeweller and last up to three years. The silver tones of white gold and platinum work beautifully with white diamonds. This is one of the reasons why platinum round brilliant diamond engagement rings are one of the most sought-after designs on the market today. If you’re looking for a sleek, elegant and durable metal, this could be the choice for you.

      Yellow gold

      Historically, yellow gold is one of the most popular metals for both wedding and engagement rings. It is particularly beautiful with olive and darker skin tones but can be less flattering on pale skin. Emerald cut engagement rings within a yellow gold setting are particularly beautiful, similar to Meghan Markle’s engagement ring from Prince Harry. The golden tones of yellow gold can be paired with diamonds that are lower on the colour scale. This helps keep down the price for your engagement ring.

      Yellow gold jewellery is also easy to maintain as it does not require rhodium plating to keep its colour like other precious metals do. It does still need to be cleaned regularly to maintain its shine. High karat yellow gold can be quite soft which may prove difficult to manage for engagement or wedding rings that are worn regularly. If you’re looking for a warm toned metal and willing to sacrifice durability for price, yellow gold could be the perfect choice for you.

      Rose gold

      This flattering, affordable, durable and fashionable metal is quickly becoming a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings and other modern or vintage jewellery designs. The tones of white and yellow gold jewellery can be too harsh against some skin tones, but rose gold offers a softer peachy colouring that is flattering for many. Complementing any blush tones of your skin, rose gold gives a feminine and refreshing appearance to any jewellery, that looks particularly beautiful in an oval cut engagement ring.

      Made by mixing copper and gold, rose gold gives an elegant pink hue. As copper is a very hard substance, rose gold is one of the most durable metals used in engagement rings and other jewellery. It is less vulnerable to denting and scratches than both white and yellow gold. Rose gold is also made more affordable as the alloy used is often cheaper than what is in other precious metals. The darker tones of rose gold means that diamonds used in these designs can be further down the colour scale, which also lowers the price. Affordable metal and diamonds make the overall cost of the jewellery considerably lower than other designs.

      At Midas Jewellery, we offer a range of items in each of these precious metals to suit the style of every customer that walks through our doors. From white gold engagement rings to some of the best gold diamond wedding bands in Sydney, there’s a metal for you. Visit one of our boutique stores to discuss your style with our experienced staff and browse our extensive range of luxury jewellery.

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