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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      What your partner really wants when you propose

      Are you thinking of proposing? Whether the thought has come across your mind or you’re planning when would be the best time, there are a few things your partner would want to see in that moment.

      When it comes to the proposal, it is more than likely that your partner has already considered most elements. This includes where will it be? When will you do it? What will the ring look like? How will you do it?

      And with the questions they ponder, there are generally answers they have favoured in their head. From the ideal location to their dream ring, your partner will already know what they want to be involved when it comes to a proposal.

      Not sure what your partner wants when you propose? We are here to let you know!

      A proposal with effort

      Yep, that’s right! Even the most low-key partners will appreciate you putting effort into your proposal! Whether it is extravagant or subtle, the effort can go a long way and show you care.

      Not sure what we mean by putting in the effort? Think about your significant other. To make the proposal a successful one, you must get to know your partner so you can truly understand them inside and out.

      Are they sweet and appreciate kind words? Get creative and convey how you feel about them in writing. Create a deep, meaningful poem or love notes around the house that lead to your proposal.

      Do they like it when you go out of your way to make their day? Think extravagant – organise their favourite food or treat to be involved in your proposal, followed by their favourite flowers and even arrange for their closest friends and family to get involved.

      The more you go out of your way to put time and consideration into your proposal, the more they’ll appreciate your gesture! Plus, this will show them how well you truly know them!

      Marriage proposal

      A dream location

      Most people think of a dreamy location when they imagine their proposal. Whether it be a tropical vacation or a breathtaking lookout, the setting can really add to your proposal.

      For the ultimate grand gesture, many prefer to celebrate a well-anticipated getaway with a proposal. Not only will this truly make the holiday one they’ll never forget, but you will also have time to celebrate and revel in the bliss of a new engagement!

      The only thing is that you may have to wait and plan a holiday. This can be a year in advance, so at least you’ll have time to look at diamond engagement rings and make everything perfect!

      Another great option when it comes to location is thinking of their favourite place. Is there a particular beach or park they resonate or have strong memories in? Then this might be the perfect place for your proposal!

      Even going back to where it all started can genuinely make the engagement a little bit more special. Plan to propose at the restaurant you had your first date at or the place you first met each other for that sentimental touch.

      Marriage proposal

      The perfect ring

      This is a no-brainer. Your partner will undoubtedly have an idea of their ideal engagement ring – and in a perfect world, they will certainly have it involved in the proposal!

      But how can you get their dream ring? Do your research and then visit the experts! By taking notes of their style, looking into their jewellery collection and asking their best friends and closest loved ones for help, you can get a good idea!

      Now you have done the research and gathered notes, it is time to speak to the engagement ring specialists. Offering one of the most enchanting collections of engagement rings in Sydney, Midas Jewellery has decades of experience and can help you.

      We invite you to arrange an appointment. This way, you can come in and sit down with us and we can guide you in selecting the ideal ring for your loved one based on your research and knowledge. We have plenty of styles and designs to explore, so you know we can provide you with the right solution!

      Our bespoke customisation service is also available for you. This way, you can create a ring that is unique to your partner, incorporating everything they’d love into an engagement ring specially made for them.

      Engagement ring

      Ready to go forth and propose? Now you know what you should incorporate into your proposal, come to one of the most experienced jewellers in Sydney to organise the ring.

      With an extensive collection and a complimentary lifetime after-purchase cleaning service offered across all three of our locations, there is no better place to go! Plus, we can even help you with your wedding bands leading up to the big day.

      For more information, give your selected store a call or book an appointment now.

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