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Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

What coloured engagement ring suits my personality?

From royal blue sapphire engagement rings to yellow diamond rings that light up the room, coloured gemstones make a beautiful addition to any engagement ring design. These beautiful feature stones catch the eye with their striking and unique colours and warm the heart with their beautiful hidden meanings. At Midas Jewellery, we want you to feel that your engagement ring is your perfect match. If you’re considering a coloured feature stone, this could help you decide which precious gem is the best choice for you.

Blue sapphire – calm and sophisticated

The blue sapphire has been the choice of royalty for generations, and now it is becoming one of the most popular choices for brides across the world. Blue sapphires a believed to bring honesty, loyalty and respect to your relationship. The colouring and meaning of the blue sapphire are best matched to calm and collected personalities. Find a stunning sapphire and diamond ring in the exclusive Midas collection in store.

Ruby – passionate and determined

Red is the colour of passion, and rubies embody this perfectly. The red ruby is the perfect gemstone for the fiery and determined, believed to bring both stability and youthful romance to your relationship. This gemstone is the perfect choice to open the heart and promote eternal love between you and your partner.

Emerald – thoughtful and ambitious

Emeralds represent intelligence, balance and health and are thought to have soothing properties that bring stability to relationships. Originally gifted as offerings to Venus, the Roman goddess of love, these gemstones make a meaningful symbol of love and consideration of the future. The style and meaning of the emerald work wonderfully with considerate and ambitious individuals.

Yellow diamond – joyful and energetic

Midas Jewellery specialise in diamonds, and coloured diamonds present the ultimate luxury. These warm and bright gemstones make a stunning addition to any engagement ring and complement the bubbly personality of that person who lights up the room. The energetic personalities that bring a spark to any conversation are a perfect match for an outstanding canary diamond.

Do any of these styles match your personality? You can find even more coloured engagement rings at one of our boutique stores in Sydney. Talk to our experienced staff about the exciting coloured range or the chance to custom design your own engagement ring with the help of our master jewellers to create your absolute perfect match.

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