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      Wedding bands to suit your engagement ring

      The companion to your engagement ring, a wedding ring, is a significant symbol that will be paired together from your wedding day onwards. Just like you and your partner. That is why it is critical you find a wedding band that beautifully complements your engagement ring.

      When it comes to wedding rings, there are many different options, making the process of finding the right design an extensive search. From diamond wedding bands to plain rings, there are many choices. But how do you know which design to go for? 

      While choice in metal is usually straightforward (it is expected you opt for the same metal tone in both rings), choosing the style can be a little more complicated. 

      To help you make the right choice, we break down what engagement ring goes well with a wedding band. Find the right match for your engagement ring by reading below.


      Wedding bands for solitaire engagement rings

      A plain solitaire engagement ring is easily suited to a wide variety of wedding rings. It is a flexible setting when it comes to selecting a wedding band that matches.

      Because of its traditional design, a solitaire ring can go with either a plain wedding band or a diamond one. It is simple enough to be compatible with a busier diamond design without it being too complicated, yet also minimal enough to suit a similar plain band.

      The beauty of the solitaire ring is that it can easily pair with a diamond band of many cuts. To get the most out of your pair, we suggest you select a diamond band that suits the cut of the engagement ring for that sense of cohesiveness. For additional character, you can incorporate details like milgrain beading or a twisted design.

      Wedding bands for solitaire engagement rings

      Wedding bands for engagement rings with multiple stones

      Is your engagement ring one with side stones? Whether you have a three-stone ring, a pavé diamond band or a halo engagement ring, you will want to select a wedding band that suits the multiple stones featured.

      Because the engagement ring already has more than one stone, you’ll want to match the brilliance of your ring by introducing a diamond wedding band rather than a plain one. A diamond ring will allow you to achieve the ultimate sparkle. 

      A tasteful choice is finding a pavé wedding band for three-stone rings. For those engagement rings with a diamond band already, selecting a similar design that matches the pavé setting in the engagement ring will allow the pair to flow nicely.

      Wedding bands for vintage engagement rings

      When it comes to vintage engagement rings, many designs use retro or Art Deco styles and settings. This often calls for more particular wedding band styles.

      Due to older engagement ring types, such as channel and bezel set rings, using larger and thicker features, these will need less dainty and heavier wedding rings to match their aesthetic. This way, you can achieve a balanced pair.

      For those with a vintage design, either a classic plain band or a channel-set wedding ring would make the ultimate choice. This can allow you to resonate with the traditional theme for the paired rings.

      Wedding bands for vintage engagement rings

      Wedding bands for long diamond cuts

      Elongating and flattering, some of the most popular diamond cuts commonly seen in engagement rings are the fancier shapes with length. 

      Long in shape, emeralds, pear, marquise and oval cut diamonds are just some of the lengthier choices seen as the main stone in engagement rings. Because of their length, the diamonds can take up significant space, making it hard to find a well-suited wedding band.

      Taking advantage of the length, a chevron or curved wedding band makes the ultimate choice as it provides space to the diamond. The band style bends and works around the centre stone rather than hiding behind it. Alternatively, a beaded or twisted band can add character and further curve to the lengthy engagement ring.

      Wedding bands for high settings and rings with shoulders

      For the high-set engagement rings with diamonds set up above on prongs or rings that have tall shoulders, there are plenty of choices when it comes to women’s wedding rings.

      Because of the platform like height, high settings lift the central diamond, with the shoulders falling in elevation as it parts from the centre. When picking a wedding ring, you can either go for a variety of designs.

      To emphasise the centre diamond, we recommend choosing a wedding band that is flush with the band of the engagement ring. Meaning no space is allowed, and the ring’s height is maintained to stand out from the pairing.

      Wedding bands for high settings and rings with shoulders

      Wedding bands for split or shank band engagement rings

      A stunning feature, a split or shank band makes a generous addition to an engagement ring thanks to the illusion of multiple bands. 

      While it highlights the centre stone, a split band can make it a little harder to decide what wedding ring would suit, as it would essentially make it appear as three bands. However, many people opt for a stacked wedding band and engagement ring look, making this situation an easy find.

      To complement a split band with matching shanks, we suggest opting for a wedding ring with the same features, such as a similar pavé setting or detailing. Furthermore, a curved band to sit flush against the engagement ring is also a stylish choice.

      Ready to purchase your wedding ring? Visit Midas Jewellery! With of the most extensive wedding ring collections in Sydney, you’ll find the right ring with us.

      If you are still unsure about the wedding ring you want, we invite you to visit any of our three boutiques in Sydney with your engagement ring. While in-store, one of our friendly team members can guide you through our collection and help you find a wedding ring that will fit you and your ring.

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