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      Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

        Vintage inspired rings for her to adore

        The Midas collection of vintage inspired pieces feature some of the most beautiful diamond rings in Sydney. The defining elements of vintage jewellery design were the intricate patterns, bold combinations and striking symmetry of the pieces. These qualities are very different to the contemporary jewellery we see today that focuses on brilliance and simplicity over complex and delicate design. However, there is a unique beauty in vintage jewellery as the ornate features are rarely seen in the mass-produced styles of the 21st century.

        Striking colour

        This vintage inspired emerald ring is a timeless statement of luxury. The deep beauty of the featured emerald stone is complemented by an incredible arrangement of diamonds spread across the surface of the ring. Use of coloured gemstones in vintage design was often accentuated by ornate patterns as in this piece. For a beautiful vintage inspired ring, this divine emerald piece could be yours to enjoy for a lifetime.

        Bold design

        Art Deco design is renowned for its satisfying symmetry and bold use of contrasting colour and angular patterns. Designs from this era typically feature a combination of coloured gemstones, such as sapphires, and diamonds. A variety of different gemstone cuts are also used to create the complex appearance and bold patterning used in art deco pieces. For a striking ring inspired by the unique beauty of the deco era, this superb sapphire and diamond ring could be exactly what you’re looking for.

        Impeccable detail

        This incredible pearl ring design features ornate diamond arrangements unique to vintage styling. The stunning lustre of the featured South Sea pearl is enhanced by the delicate sparkle and formation of the surrounding diamonds. This design exudes timeless glamour and class, reminiscent of the chic styles from the roaring twenties. For a truly remarkable ring fit for the likes of Gatsby, this piece is the perfect fit.

        The Midas Jewellery collection of vintage inspired pieces feature a range of wonderful designs that blend the charm of vintage design with the brilliance and precision of modern jewellery. If you’ve fallen in love with Art Deco or Edwardian styling, Midas has something for you. Visit our master jewellers in store to find yourself the perfect vintage piece, or work with us to design the ring of your dreams. With timeless designs and world class quality, Midas Jewellery always exceeds expectations.

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