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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      Unique features to include in your engagement ring

      When it comes to engagement rings, not everyone will fall in love with the most popular designs. While they may be gorgeous, we understand many women would prefer a ring that is as unique as they are.

      Does this sound like you?

      If you are looking for a ring that differs from the conventional designs, then we recommend you consider looking into these features! Not only can they help make your ring stand out from the crowd, but even just one of the below features can change a simple ring to one you will love and adore.

      Select a coloured centre stone

      Don’t stick to the expected white diamond – go for an engagement ring that showcases colour. Add some character and excitement by selecting a stone (or multiple if you like a mix!) or coloured diamond that will brighten up your design.

      Substituting a plain diamond for colour in the centre can completely change the look of a ring! For a unique ring with colour, we suggest exploring our blue sapphire or yellow diamond rings. Either will provide a bold burst of colour that you will absolutely adore!

      An exemplary piece for this is our Cushion Cut Sapphire Trilogy. With a bold royal blue cushion cut sapphire in the middle, the two white diamonds on either side pale in comparison but still serve the purpose for providing additional brilliance. Showcasing unique design, you’ll be sure to love this engagement ring!

      Cushion Cut Sapphire Trilogy

      Opt for a vintage design

      Set apart from the modern-day trends by opting for a more old-fashioned style. Although they may have been popular back in the day, vintage designs are now exactly that vintage, meaning they are no longer the new thing.

      By going for a ring style that is not popularly seen today, you are opting for a unique design that will differentiate you from the crowd. With a range and combination of vintage features and Art Deco designs, vintage engagement rings will be sure to provide you with a sense of individuality.

      An ultimate Art Deco design, the Vintage Pink Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is truly special. With an 18ct round brilliant white diamond in the middle, a circular halo of white diamonds surrounds the centre. Two additional arcs of diamonds sit off to the sides with four exclusive pink diamonds spaced around the inner halo, creating a gorgeous mix of pink and white.

      Vintage Pink Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

      Go for a ring with a unique shape

      Do you refuse to go for the expected diamond cut? Break the mould and go for a different ring shape! There are a handful of ring shapes that are rarely seen gracing the hands of women globally.

      If you want a ring cut that is unusual yet as romantic as can be, then we recommend a heart-shaped cut. True to its name, the centre diamond is chiselled into the shape of a love heart, radiating romance and sophistication. The ultimate representation of the love in your relationship; this cut is not often found in engagement rings.

      Are you interested in finding a heart-shaped ring? We can help you! Our Yellow Diamond Heart with Halo is one of our most unique rings. With a yellow heart-shaped diamond in the middle, a duo-tone halo of both white and yellow gold frames the heart. An enchanting combination, this ring will have your heart swooning.

      Vintage Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

      Create a customised engagement ring

      Although we already offer some of the most unique engagement rings found in Sydney, we suggest you use our customisation service to obtain a unique design. Customisation is the ultimate service and is the only way you can get a bespoke design that is genuinely made one-of-a-kind for you.

      Sitting down with our master jeweller, you will get to communicate your unique requirements to a professional. By discussing what features and colours you want to achieve in your ring, our expert jewellers will deliver you a design for you to approve before they go ahead and create your ideal ring.

      Furthermore, our team will walk you through your options. From different metals to vibrant stones and our setting options, including halo engagement rings, we will show you all of your choices and give you expert advice to get the ideal unique design.

      Radiant ruby and diamond ring

      Do you have an idea of the unique features you want to include in your ring? Whether it be from our existing collection or an unusual custom design, Midas Jewellery will deliver you a stand-out ring that will have you or your fiancé feeling special for the entirety of your marriage.

      With three locations spread across Sydney, our team can help you. Book your appointment today or send us an enquiry to find out more.

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