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      Understanding the magic of milgrain detailing

      Are you searching for the perfect engagement ring but desire something different with a little more detail? Why not look into adding milgrain detailing!

      Milgrain detailing style is a beautiful addition that makes for a refined feature for your ring. It can enhance and completely change a design. Providing a dainty appeal, this detail offers a craftsmanship level that only this particular technique can provide.

      If you want an engagement ring with more to offer, adding milgrain might be precisely what you need. Not convinced? Find out more on milgrain detailing and the magic it provides by reading on.


      What is milgrain?

      What is milgrain, we hear? Exquisite and incredibly sophisticated, milgrain detail is a design element that is often seen in jewellery. With a graceful appearance, milgrain immediately adds personality and texture to a design, intensifying its appeal. 

      This style uses a detailed technique that requires expert precision. It can be identified by a pattern of tiny metal beads that are fabricated into a design. This can be done by either hand or through a mould.

      Rising to popularity in the early 20th century, this unique design element was a common feature in jewellery during the Art Deco period. It is often seen in earrings, rings and pendants. 

      Milgrain accentuates and distinguishes certain elements of a ring design.

      While the tiny metal beads are often small round and circle, the milgrain detail can range in shape and size depending on the design. As a technical art, milgrain is an excellent way of identifying the professional skill a jeweller possesses due to the particular level of quality craftsmanship required.

      The different ways milgrain can be used

      Milgrain is often used in jewellery to evoke an old-world style since it provides that unique vintage appearance. It is a common feature used to replicate an older piece and can be used in all forms of jewellery.

      When it comes to rings, milgrain was initially used to establish a border around a band’s outside edging. This was done to achieve a more personalised design that was distinct. While this is still common, milgrain is now incorporated in a design for other aspects.

      Most popularly, milgrain is used to frame a centre stone. The said stone is accentuated by adding the detailing around the featured diamond or gem, making it appear larger. This is often incorporated into halo engagement rings for further emphasis. 

      Other uses for milgrain in engagement rings include utilising it for additional small detailing within the design, including the gallery and shoulders. Introducing this to designs in subtle features is a fashionable way of enhancing a ring, making it more distinctive and eye-catching.

      Milgrain engagement ring designs

      At Midas Jewellery, we are proud to showcase an extensive range of engagement rings that showcases milgrain detailing. From subtle detailing to significant elements, here are some of our top milgrain inclusive designs.

      Milgrain engagement rings:

      • The Classic Filigree Halo Trilogy
      • Round Brilliant Milgrain Halo
      • The Milgrain Edge Tapered Solitaire
      • Vintage Milgrain Oval Sapphire
      • Milgrain Marquise Diamond Band
      • Milgrain Round and Marquise Diamond Band
      • Diamond Milgrain Wedding Band
      • Diamond Milgrain Wedding Band Star and Round Shaped Diamond Band

      Do you like one of the designs we showed above? Visit any of our three Midas Jewellery stores to witness our collection!
      If you would like to create your own ring with milgrain detailing, we invite you to book an appointment to sit down and collaborate with our master jeweller. Through our customisation service, we have produced some of the most enchanting custom engagement rings in Sydney. Let us help you design and bring your dream ring to life.

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