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      Top moments to propose

      Are you thinking of proposing? If you have found the love of your life, there is a good chance that the idea has danced through your mind at some point.

      When it comes to proposing, one of the biggest factors is the time and place. Where and when you do it will be a big part of making the proposal an event they will always cherish.

      From a place that means a lot to you to a date and time that resonates a loving moment in history, here are our top recommended moments for you to propose.

      Valentine’s Day

      The most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day is popular for proposals.

      As a day of love, it is the perfect time to get them while they feel most romantic. And because of the occasion, there are less chances of them catching on to your grand proposal!

      Although it is a common day for romance, it is the best opportunity to make it special by showing them how much you really love them!

      Furthermore, a lot of places will be set up and be ready for the celebration. Take advantage of it and choose wisely! You may not even have to be super creative with your setting and props.

      Our tip: Restaurants may decorate to the theme, but they can also be busy at this time. If you want to get creative, think of a spot that is generally empty and isolated. This way you can create your own space for your private and memorable moment.

      Valentine's day proposal do's and don'ts

      Your anniversary

      Unlike Valentine’s, this day of love is unique to you and your partner. A day you don’t share with millions around the world, your anniversary is a significant day that is important to just the two of you.

      If you have spent a few anniversaries together and are ready to take it to the next level, this may be a fantastic opportunity to pop the question. Not only is it a great excuse to get her out and in-line with your proposal plan, but it is also a full-circle moment.

      Making it official the same date you started dating? Now that is romantic!

      Our tip: If you really want to make it special, we recommend going back to the place it all began! Whether it was the venue you went on your first date or the place you first met, it can be a sweet moment taking a walk down memory lane on the exact date, back to where it all began.

      Anniversary proposal do's and don'ts

      Important events

      Does your loved one have an important event coming up? Or maybe you do?

      From graduations to big promotions, important milestones can be a great time to propose.

      You can take advantage of the joyful moment by making it even better. As you are already on a high, you’ll get your happiest moments by further adding an unforgettable memory to the important day.

      It will be a day full of events – and it’ll certainly be a day they will struggle to forget!

      Our tip: Depending on the event, maybe you can get the organisers in on the proposal by orchestrating a grand gesture on stage or in the ceremony. If it is a dinner, you may even be able to get the restaurant to put your stunning solitaire engagement ring on a dish for a shock reveal.

      Event proposal do's and don'ts


      There is nothing more exciting than a most-awaited holiday! Whether it is the Christmas break or a long-planned Europe vacation, holidays can be the perfect time to propose.

      When it comes to holidays, you would most likely be going to a destination you love or have been wanting to tick off your bucket list for a while now. So why not make it a day you’ll remember forever?

      Take advantage of the relaxed and fun atmosphere by making it a place you’ll always hold close.

      Our tip: If you are going away and planning on proposing at a location abroad, we recommend pre-planning the proposal by calling or emailing the venue ahead of time. This way, if they offer it, they can get in on the surprise and potentially recommend their services to make it an even more magical moment!

      Holiday proposal do's and don'ts

      Found the right time for you to propose? Now you just need to find the perfect engagement ring!

      Specialising in diamond engagement rings, we cover a wide range of styles. From certain designs to fancy cuts, Midas Jewellery has the ideal engagement ring for you.

      If you have a particular design in mind, we welcome you to create a bespoke ring with one of our master jewellers. In some instances, we can even get your dream ring created in a matter of days.

      Offered in all three of our Sydney boutiques, all you have to do is book an appointment online and get to the creation process!

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