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      Top 3 ways to a unique proposal

      When it comes to proposals, you hear many sweet and endearing classic stories, such as on picnics and anniversary dinners. With many of our engagement rings purchased around Australia, we too have heard them all! We have even recently written a blog on sweet proposal ideas.

      While they are undoubtfully romantic, popular proposal stories that are often too similar struggle to stand out from the crowd. If you want your proposal to be unique from the rest, we suggest going for a more unheard-of proposal.

      Just as exciting as a popular proposal style, unique proposals are a great way to signify the bespoke relationship you share with your partner. It can also make more of an impact when you tell your story, making it more memorable!

      To gather inspiration for a unique proposal, read through our ideas below.


      Propose with a scavenger huntMarry Me photo

      Ditch the expected candlelight dinner and opt for an experience full of mystery with a scavenger hunt. Relying on your creativity, a scavenger hunt requires a strategic plan that will get your partner’s mind ticking.

      Full of surprises, a scavenger hunt should be tricky but still fun, with the final hint leading to the big question. An excellent way to start is by placing the first clue in an obvious spot that cannot be missed. You could also be direct and send them a message announcing a surprise with the first hint.

      From there, make the hunt go step-by-step to your ultimate destination, where you plan to propose. You can keep it around the house or lead them outside, to a park or somewhere else.

      The scavenger hunt should be exciting but not too hard to figure out. They should be straightforward without being too simple. You don’t want a step to go unsolved, ruining the entire plan! You get extra points if you make the hints and answers relate to your relationship.

      No matter the hints leading up to it, make sure the final clue is a big lead up to the question. Whether they find you on one knee waiting or walk into a hotel room with the message spelt out in lightbox characters, finish big!


      Propose through relying on something in their everyday lifewedding proposal

      Make it a day unlike any other by relying on their common daily occurrences and routine. Not only will this give them the shock of their lives, but it provides a guarantee they’ll come across your proposal.

      While your idea may not be considered ‘extravagant’, using something from their everyday life can be completely unexpected and surprising.

      For example, a simple prop you can use in your proposal can include the mail. Yes, the mail! It will be unexpected and a great surprise for your partner. By placing a letter with an envelope – sticker and all – into your mailbox, they’ll open it unprepared.

      This is an excellent method to get creative. You can have it appear as a formal letter addressed to them, but the body content can include a romantic message with the all-important proposal. You can also do this with a postcard or mailout pamphlet.

      Does your partner enjoy a weekend crossword session? Take advantage of this by personalising a crossword to feature the hidden message of ‘Marry Me’ spread and spelt out in the finished puzzle.

      You can take advantage of other daily occurrences by personalising a sign or advertisement they drive by on their daily commute with a proposal message directly for them. Think of something they do each day or regularly and don’t be afraid to get crafty!


      Propose by using foodengagement ring and champagne

      When it comes to food, there are a few ways you can use to propose. Move over dinner proposals; these food-related ideas have a more unexpected spin!

      Ideal for the foodie or partner with a big, sweet tooth, proposing with food is a fun and yummy way to take your relationship to the next level.

      For a low-key yet unique proposal you can eat, try ordering a baked good with a message on it! By putting ‘Marry Me?’ on a cookie, cake or cupcake batch, you can propose to your partner in arguably one of the sweetest ways possible!

      Alternatively, you can also request other dishes like pizza and have the message inserted on the box upon delivery. This way, they’ll be in for a shock when they open the box!

      Are you looking for something a little more extravagant? Request tailor-made food for a quirky surprise! From a personalised fortune cookie to a message on a branded food box, pull a few strings and get crafty to establish your message!

      For those looking for a more involved idea, we suggest a private cooking class! Just remember to propose at the less messy point, so the engagement ring is kept clean. This will be unexpected but also a great way to make it a date too.

      Found the wonderful way to propose? Perfect! Now is the time to buy your engagement ring. Showcasing an array of exclusive designs, Midas Jewellery has a vast selection of styles in-store. From coloured gemstones to diamond engagement rings, we will have the perfect ring for you.

      Furthermore, we also offer our customisation services for those who want a unique ring to go with their unique proposal. Sitting down with our master jeweller, you can create a bespoke engagement ring personal to your relationship. To book an appointment at your selected location, visit our website.

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