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      Top 3 ways to a sweet proposal

      There are many proposal stories out there. But no matter how many we hear, there are always those special tales that leave you in awe. 

      While the majority of proposals are charming, some of them stand out because of how sweet they are. The ones that recreate what you would see in Hollywood films or read about in fairy tales are the most endearing and memorable of them all.

      Are you looking to make your proposals one of the most romantic around? Trust in Midas Jewellery to provide you with some influence! 

      As a Sydney jeweller who specialises in diamond engagement rings, we know all about breathtaking proposal ideas and can help you find some influence.

      Make your proposal a sweet one that will have her saying yes, with our inspirational proposal ideas below.


      Propose around their loved ones

      One of the sweetest things you can do is propose with their loved ones around! Not only is it an excellent opportunity for you to celebrate with those nearest to you, but it is a fun way to include those who matter most.

      Not sure how you can get your favourites involved? You can start with getting their family and friends hidden at the location. 

      Whether it is in another room behind a joining door or in a different section of the building, watching through a window, having them ready to come out once you propose is like icing on the cake. Plus, it is a quick and convenient way to kick off the celebrations as you have the people who matter nice and close!

      Perhaps you don’t want their loved ones to be hiding. An inclusive option is getting them involved in the proposal! 

      Whether they are wearing shirts that spell out ‘Will you marry me?’ or lead your future partner to the proposal spot, there are many ways they can stay visible while providing the element of surprise.

      Is your partner more of an animal person than a people person? Then make sure you get the pets in on the surprise! 

      An all-time favourite that will always have people saying ‘awe’ is having your beloved fur-babies involved. From wearing a sign to carrying the ring on their collar, this can be a sweet photo opportunity you can always adore.

      Get creative with your proposal

      There is nothing sweeter than your partner putting in a lot of effort to make sure your proposal is one you’ll love. That is why it is critical you get creative for this special day!

      Need ideas on how you can get innovative with your proposal? Start with your strength and skills!

      Are you good with words? Simply writing a treasure hunt out with clues or conducting a memorable poem can be a personal experience they will cherish for the rest of their lives. 

      More into technology and crafts? Use your strengths to create a loveable video or book with the end asking the big question! A method like this won’t just convey how much they mean to you, but it will also be something they can keep for the rest of their time.

      If you are good at organising, an event or momentous plan could be the way to go! 

      Set up a situation like an iconic flash-mob with you dancing or a trivia night with your closest friends and families. End the night with the final winning question where you ask your partner for their hand in marriage. 

      Alternatively, you can go significant but straightforward with a jumbo-board at their favourite game or a local outdoor ad space (think a bus stop poster or billboard) with a poster of you on your knees, proposing.

      Not only are these impressive gestures, but the fact you put so much thought into it will wow everyone, especially your partner. These are just a few of other plenty ideas and avenues to take for your proposal plan.

      Get creative with your proposal

      Make your proposal as romantic as can be

      For a proposal that is made of dreams, go hard with the romance! A big romantic gesture is spectacular and breathtaking and can provide all the magic you need for a Disney-worthy proposal.

      It may sound low-key but creating a picnic wonderland, complete with candles and flowers, can be just the right amount of romance to set the perfect atmosphere. 

      Roses and candles (if possible) can set the tone, especially for a twilight picnic. This setting works wonderfully whether it be in the backyard or a park. Just keep an eye on the flames!

      Do you have a particular spot that is significant to your partner or relationship? Perhaps the restaurant you had your first date at or the beach where you met each other? 

      Proposing at the place where it all started can be incredibly sweet. Plus, it is a meaningful place that will only make it more special for taking your relationship to the next level.

      Another idea is choosing a festive moment. Proposing on a holiday like New Year’s or Christmas can make it a moment you won’t forget. 

      Not only does it provide great photo opportunities, but it means you can take advantage of festive events, such as fireworks or light displays.

      Have you got a holiday booked? Take advantage of this romantic getaway by organising the accommodation to set up a romantic backdrop in your hotel room! 

      This situation will be an absolute dream for your partner and is a Hollywood movie-esque proposal that will have them feeling special.

      Make your proposal as romantic as can be

      Found the sweet way you would like to propose? All you need now is the perfect engagement ring! 

      With an extensive collection of designs and diamond cuts, including princess cut, radiant cut and pear-shaped engagement rings, you can rely on Midas Jewellery to help you find the ultimate ring for your partner.

      For a more unique design, we also offer our custom engagement ring services. Sit down with our master jeweller, and we’ll help you achieve a bespoke ring that is tailor-made for your special one. It can’t get any sweeter than that!

      Visit any of our three Sydney boutiques or visit our website for more on our services and designs.

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