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      Times you should take off your engagement ring

      Such a cherished piece, the engagement ring can be hard to take off. However, with the hustle and bustle of every day, sometimes it is best to set it aside to preserve its quality condition.

      But when should you take it off? And when can you get away with wearing it? As specialists in diamond engagement rings, we can help you identify just that!

      When in the day should I take off my engagement ring?

      During the day, you go through many situations that we advise you to delay putting on or taking off your engagement ring.

      One of the most apparent times is when you have a shower. With all the soap and products you use in the shower, your ring can become dull and damaged. Furthermore, the risk of dropping it down the drain isn’t worth the gamble. The same goes for washing your hands and doing the dishes. Try and take it off every time you do these actions in a safe environment like your home.

      You should also ensure you take off the ring every time you are getting ready. This means if possible, putting it on should be the last thing you do before leaving the house. With all the makeup, perfume and clothes brushed against it, the ring can easily get snagged, be loosened or have a build-up of product, making it best to save for last.

      Another one that would be easier to follow is taking off your ring when you go to bed.

      Wearing your ring to bed can have many downfalls. Firstly, your finger deserves a break! Sleeping with it can be uncomfortable, especially if it swells during the night. And secondly, your ring can get tangled in sheets or even your hair, loosening the setting and being detrimental to any fragile stones.

      Washing hands

      Wearing an engagement ring out

      Going out? There are plenty of events and destinations you can still wear your ring to. However, while it is nice to wear your engagement ring out, not all places are appropriate.

      A big no-brainer is the beach or any pool. Not only will swimming make it possible for your ring to get lost due to cold water shrinking your finger size, but also because chemicals and saltwater work against the condition of your ring.

      So if you have a pool party or day at the beach planned, it is best to leave the ring secured at home!

      Going out for the night with your ring can be a difficult decision. If you are in for a long night of dancing, it is best to opt out the ring.

      Not only will you be flinging your hand around, potentially clashing it against other objects and materials, but if you’re drinking, you might accidentally misplace the ring, too.

      Other places you’ll want to avoid is anywhere that may include intense physical activity or hard contact.

      Activities such as bowling or going to theme parks can cause situations that may tarnish the band or stone. We recommend you leave the ring at home if you plan on doing such activities.


      Tasks you should take your engagement ring off for

      In life, there are mundane tasks that would be best to do with bare hands. From jobs around the home to being outdoors, you should consider whether your ring is appropriate to wear.

      A good example for this includes cleaning. Because you are working with chemicals, contact with such products can oxidise your ring, impacting its natural shine.

      Considering cleaning products aren’t safe for your ring, you’ll undoubtedly want to avoid bringing dirt near it.

      That is why we strongly advise against any gardening with your ring on. Your ring will naturally pick up dirt particles, so the last thing you need is to give it any more.

      Even though this is a task people do most, if not all, days of the week, we advise you to remove your engagement ring before cooking.

      Handling raw meat can contaminate your ring. Furthermore, cooking is best done with clean hands and minimal foreign contact, so it is advised you prepare food without jewellery in the first place.


      As you can see, there are many instances it is encouraged to remove your engagement ring. While doing these tasks, it is best to store the ring in the original boxing it came in. 

      Furthermore, we do understand your ring will get dirty over time. That is why we offer our free after-purchase cleaning service for all Midas Jewellery engagement rings to maintain their natural shine. All you have to do is bring in your ring!

      Are you getting married? No stress, we offer a variety of diamond wedding rings, including matching couple sets. The best part is, just like our engagement rings, these too come with our free cleaning services!

      For a band that will match your engagement ring, view online today.

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