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      Thinking of proposing? Here is what to remember

      At some point in your relationship, the idea of proposing will play on your mind eventually. After  finding the love of your life, it is only natural to want to make it official and spend the rest of your life with your partner.

      And considering you are reading this article, it is safe to say you have at least considered proposing to your loved one!

      Of course, such a big gesture may get you feeling overwhelmed – but this is where we step in! Such a romantic and important milestone in your life shouldn’t be a hassle, and with a passion for engagements, Midas Jewellery wants to help make your proposal a hit.


      To know what you need to remember when you propose, keep reading below.

      Don’t rush

      The most important thing to make sure of before you propose is to confirm you are ready. Marriage is exciting and a wonderful milestone that will come with a lot of life changes. But before you pop the question, you should make sure you are ready to commit to your loved one.

      This means taking the time to know whether this is definitely what you want and who you want to spend your life with.

      A great way to confirm this is to discuss it with a close loved one you trust. This will be sure to deliver you clarity about whether or not you are making the right decision or that it is the ideal time.

      If you are certain you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner, you should also be certain whether it is the right time to propose.

      Are they ready to take your relationship to the next level? If you are sure it is the perfect time to propose, then congratulations! Now you can consider planning your big moment.

      Don't Rush

      Plan carefully

      When it comes to pulling off the most memorable of proposals, a lot of planning can come into play. In saying that, an impromptu proposal when the time is right is always fun and spontaneous. But for those who want to ensure everything runs smoothly, planning and being prepared is key.

      From how you are going to propose to when you will ask the exciting question, it is important you have all the details organised.

      By planning ahead, you can tick off all the important things such as asking permission from your future in-laws to preparing a cover story that will lead you to the right time.

      You may also want to plan other features you want to incorporate into your proposal. Whether you would like to have props present or a photographer hidden, ready to take candid images, it is a good idea to consider what you will need.

      If you want to get family and friends joining in on the surprise, then this is also a good opportunity to give them a heads up and let them know how you will like them to play a role in your proposal.

      Plan carefully

      The ring

      In line with planning, organising the ring is a big and important step! Not only will you want the perfect ring ready in-hand for the big moment, but you will also want to make sure the piece is your partner’s dream ring.

      As discussed in our previous blog on finding the perfect ring, there are many ways you can find out details on the ultimate engagement ring by doing some research before you make your way instore.

      From your budget to their style preferences and ring size, this guide can help you find the information you need!

      From deciding on whether to buy a diamond engagement ring or a sapphire engagement ring, our friendly staff members can help you!

      Based on your knowledge, we can help you find the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life! With years of experience and specialisation in engagement rings, we know how to help you find the ring she’ll adore.

      With a wide selection of rings in store, covering cushion cut, halo engagement rings and everything in between, we hold a large variety of designs for you to browse.

      Furthermore, if you can’t seem to find the ideal ring for your partner, you can design a bespoke engagement ring for your fiancée-to-be with the assistance of our master jeweller.

      The ring

      Location, location, location!

      Now that you’ve organised the ring, it is time to choose your location! The location and setting of your engagement can help contribute to giving your proposal the extra wow-factor you desire. Whether you need to arrange a booking or to ask for permission, this is the time to get all the requirements arranged!

      Are you planning  to propose during your upcoming European getaway? Or maybe ask the big question at a gorgeously set-up lookout? The choice is yours! Don’t be afraid to get creative and look for locations you know that will be special for you and your partner.

      From where you first met to their favourite beach, there are many places you can take advantage of. Stuck on places to pick from? Read our Top Places to Propose blog to see where in Sydney you can make your grand gesture.


      What now?

      Once you’ve picked your location, it is time to put your plans into action and set it all up. From getting all the details organised and putting up any decorations to just getting your future fiancée to the location on time, everything now comes to this moment.

      Remember, this is a happy and exciting time in your life, so don’t forget to enjoy the moment!

      Feeling confident and ready to take the big jump of proposing? Now you know what you need to do and can refer to the above for any help!

      For the most stunning engagement rings in Sydney, don’t forget to come in and let our team help make your proposal one that will leave your partner in awe.


      From choosing the ideal style to creating the custom ring of their dreams, Midas Jewellery can help you!

      What now

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