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      The ultimate guide to proposing at home

      Found the love of your life and getting ready to propose?

      While we have had plenty of blogs in the past discussing how and where you can propose out in the world, you may want to propose in a more intimate and familiar environment like your home.

      And there is no better year to propose at home than in 2020!

      Specialising in engagement rings, we’ve had the pleasure of hearing plenty of home-based proposals. And we know what it takes to pull off a proposal at home.

      From lowkey to extravagant, you can do whatever you want in the comfort of your home while keeping safe and private.

      To see what it takes to hold a successful at-home proposal, keep reading below.


      Select and purchase the ideal engagement ring

      The first thing to do is to pick the perfect engagement ring. To get-away with the best proposal hosted at your own home, you will need your selected engagement ring ready anytime.

      At Midas Jewellery, we showcase one of the most extensive ranges of engagement rings in Sydney, so we can be sure to help you. We can fulfil all your engagement ring needs and more, helping you find the right style and creating a bespoke one-of-a-kind ring in the process.

      Alternatively, you can also propose without a ring. Once you have popped the question and got the answer you desire, come in and we can help you choose the right ring as a couple!

      engagement ring

      Figure out which style of proposal you want to go with

      Now that you have the ring – or plan on getting the ring after – it is time to choose how you want to propose. Do you want to go all out? Or do you want it to be a quaint, romantic gesture that isn’t too over the top?

      Usually, the style of your proposal will come down to you, your partner and who you are as a couple. Think about your general date nights and what you guys prefer to do together.

      If you would pick a night watching TV on the lounge over a luxurious night out, then you might want to keep it more low-key.

      Low key proposals at home

      To keep it lowkey, we encourage you to maintain a surprise in the most natural way possible. There are many ways you can keep it simple yet memorable.

      Our favourite simple gestures include lighting a few candles and cooking a nice dinner. Complete this perfect night with a proposal at the end by leaving notes around the house that leads to the ring.

      For more details on low-key proposals, read our recent blog.

      Extravagant proposals at home

      Want to make it a huge memorable milestone that is earth-shakingly good? Why not go all out and hire giant fancy decorations?

      You can spell out ‘Marry Me’ in life-size block letters or set up a romantic and exclusive dinner out in the backyard with a serenading band and hired food truck. There are many ways you can make it an impressive gesture.

      To further make it an event to remember, you can plan a surprise event. Some nice ideas we love include having their closest loved ones gathered once you pop the question or surprising them with a puppy that has a ring on it. Think outside of the box!

      Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean it can’t be a mind-blowing proposal.

      wedding proposal

      Decorate, clean and prepare your home for the proposal

      Once you know the style you are trying to convey and have the ring on standby, it is time to put your plan into action.

      Now is the time to plan and sort out the important details. Be sure to make any required bookings and set the day you would like to propose.

      For a quality proposal at home, don’t forget to clean-up. Be sure the house is looking it’s best to achieve a clean and nice atmosphere without any distractions. Once everything is clean and tidy, set up your decorations and bring the situation to life.

      Final decorations such as candles, signs, lighting fixtures or array of photos of you both should be prepared during this stage.

      If you have services or guests coming, it is good to inform them about the night’s plan and set up where you want them. This way everyone is on board and your night can go smoothly.

      Pop the question!

      It all comes down to this, the big moment. You’ve got everything planned and set how you would like. Now all you need to do is ask the question!

      You’re in the comfort of your own home, so remember to relax and be confident! And don’t forget to enjoy the moment, the best is yet to come!

      wedding proposal

      Once you have popped the question and are happily engaged, remember to make time for your wedding bands with a visit to a Midas Jewellery store.

      Providing options for both parties, we deliver soon-to-be wedded couples with some of the best wedding rings found in Sydney. Depending on your engagement ring, we can even provide you with a matching band!

      We’ll have a location convenient to you with our three locations spread across Sydney. Dedicated and passionate about our jewellery, we can help make the proposal a little bit less stressful by providing you with the right ring. Start organising by making your appointment today!

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