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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      The ring doesn’t fit? Don’t panic!

      A proposal is one of the most memorable moments in one’s life. From the exciting butterflies to the creative way they popped the question, it is certainly a moment that a couple will never forget. You want your big moment to go perfectly without any hiccups – but then suddenly panic settles in when you realise the ring doesn’t fit!

      No need to worry. At Midas Jewellery, we understand that with a milestone such as this, there are times you don’t always get the right size. As most proposals are done as a surprise, it is common for the ring size to not always be exact! This is where we come to the rescue! Keep reading below to see what you can do if the ring doesn’t fit.

      What to do to get the right fit

      The big moment has come, you proposed and all your anxiety floats away when the special person in your life squeals a big yes! Not only that, but you also feel confident when they  get absolutely captivated by the solitaire engagement ring you picked out especially for them. But after all the excitement, you realise the ring doesn’t fit as well as you hoped.

      Did this happen to you? Don’t panic, you’re not alone! At Midas Jewellery, we’ve seen plenty of situations where the ring doesn’t fit right. That is why when you purchase your engagement ring with us, we can offer our resizing service to you!

      All you need to do is bring the ring back into our store and our master jeweller will take care of it to deliver you the size you need. In this instance, you will be able to bring your fiancée in so we can get the exact sizing to make sure it fits in-store or you will at least be able to ask her which size she needs.

      To give you further peace of mind, we are proud to offer any possible size adjustments through our resizing service for as long as you keep your Midas ring. From recently purchased engagement rings to previously purchased men’s wedding bands, we can adjust it to the right size.

      Oval diamond engagement ring

      When the ring doesn’t fit their style

      Did you get a big yes to your proposal, but the ring wasn’t as big of a hit? At times, we understand the ring idea you had in mind might not have been the perfect match for your future wedded partner. Don’t stress, we come across this situation every now and then!

      Your partner may already have a style or design in their head that their heart is set on. Or maybe you wanted to take a risk and pick a ring you weren’t sure they’d like. Either way, we have a solution for your situation.

      As long as it is in perfect condition, simply bring the original ring back into our store with the receipt and we can help your partner pick the ring they’ve always dreamed of! By exchanging the ring, we can help perfect your engagement by delivering them the ring they have always dreamed of.

      It doesn’t matter which style you previously chose. Whether they wanted to explore our gorgeous cushion cut engagement rings or our blue sapphire collection, we can exchange the ring for one they will adore*. This way, no matter what ring you end up choosing, you will always have the peace of mind knowing that if it all goes wrong, Midas Jewellery can help you.

      Oval diamond engagement ring

      How to avoid the wrong fit

      Haven’t got the ring yet? Obviously, if possible, you will want to avoid falling in one of the above situations. To find the ring she will instantly love and will fit from the first wear, we have gathered a few tips that will help your pick be a successful one.

      Firstly, find a style that will suit them! Before you can pick the size, you’ll need to find the ring to be sized. A great tip is to consider the style of their current jewellery. Whether they like to add colour or they tend to stick to traditional and simpler designs, this can help narrow down your choices!

      Secondly, it may be worthwhile exploring their jewellery box to get a good feel of what styles your loved one wears. Furthermore, if you need more assistance on finding their style, you could find help from a close loved one. Whether it is their sister or best friend, there might be a possibility your future life partner has already discussed their ideal engagement ring with this person!

      Thirdly, once you have found a style they like, it is time to try and pick the right size! When they aren’t home, try tracing a ring they frequently wear to show one of our master jewellers on your next visit. This way we can try to get a good idea of their finger size.

      And lastly, note the features of their fingers. Not only will this give direction on what style might be more flattering for their finger, but it will also help guide us to the right sizing. Don’t worry if you can’t do the above – if all else fails, remember you can still bring it to us for a solution!

      For the full guide on how to find the perfect ring that fits, read our recent article from earlier this year, ‘The guy’s guide to getting her an engagement ring that fits’. Full of tips and even a video to boot, this will help you find the right size for your engagement ring.

      Round cut diamond engagement ring

      Have you found yourself an engagement ring that doesn’t fit? Whether the design isn’t right, or it doesn’t fit perfectly, come back and visit one of our Midas Jewellery stores and we can help you! Specialising in engagement rings, our master jewellers can help you with all your ring needs.

      If you can’t find the perfect ring and need further specialisation, you could always create the ring of their dreams by customising your own bespoke ring! With the help of our master jewellers, we can make your idea a reality and deliver you the best ring possible. For more information, book an appointment at one of our three Sydney boutiques.

      *Some conditions may apply

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