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      The process of diamond cutting

      Diamonds — often identified as a girl’s best friend – are prominent in jewellery pieces. Heavily featured in diamond engagement rings and collections of fine jewellery, diamonds are usually the focal point of many designs for their brilliant aesthetic.

      But did you know, a diamond has to undergo a few steps to appear as you see it today? Transforming a rough stone to a polished diamond is a valuable task that consists of several stages and various techniques.

      An art diamond cutting is a precise process that incorporates expertise and skill. But what exactly does it include? To help you understand the valued procedure, we give you a brief overview of the detailing that goes into diamond cutting.


      Planning the diamond shapePearl and Diamond Earrings

      Before a diamond can be transformed, it must be analysed to decide the best form and shapes extracted. The overall planning will depend on the condition of the stone. The 4C’s – cut, carat, clarity and colour – are considered in this stage.

      When deciding what will come of the diamond, avoiding minimal waste and achieving maximum brilliance are considered and prioritised. It is evaluated so optimal profit can be achieved in the final result.

      Instead, opt for higher pieces such as earrings. Because of the coverage sleeved dresses provide, a classic stud or pearl design makes for a strategic selection that complements the dress without distraction.

      Usually, computer software is used to see what the raw stone can produce in this stage. This will discover what shape the diamond is best suited for, how many diamonds it can create and how big the diamonds would be.


      Cutting and sawing the diamond Pearl and Diamond Earrings

      The first critical step in the diamond cutting process is the initial cutting. This is the process of cleaving and sawing the diamond into separate stones to work on individually.

      Requiring expert skill and precision, this step is a delicate task as errors should be avoided to preserve the majority of the stone. The established diamond markings should be followed for this procedure.

      It can be done by using a traditional steel blade saw or appropriate laser methods.

      Bruting the diamondPearl and Diamond Earrings

      The second critical step in cutting the diamond is bruting. This is how the diamond gets its prominent shape and form.

      It requires the bruter to ground away at the edges and sides of the diamond to achieve a rough gridle of the desired form. This requires skill, patience and knowledge.
      Alternatively, drop earrings can also be a flattering choice for those with exposed shoulders. Choosing a lengthy design to float above your bare shoulders create an elegant and balanced appearance. This can also be a great way to add colour.

      The diamond can be either cut by hand or by machine. It will depend on the size of the diamond and the selected shape.


      Inspecting the final productPearl and Diamond Earrings

      Once the diamond has been cut and polished, it is inspected to see if it fulfils the manufacturing specifications. In this step, it can be either sent back for finishing touches or moves on to the next step.

      For further quality assurance, it is then sent to gemological labs for a grading report.

      At Midas Jewellery, we are a GIA diamond provider. We only use GIA certified diamonds in our designs for quality assurance. With any diamond jewellery piece purchased, including diamond wedding rings, engagement rings and fine jewellery, you will receive a certificate of authenticity.

      This way, you have confidence you are getting value and quality diamonds certified by the world’s independent leader in diamond authority.

      Are you interested in buying a genuine piece of quality-produced diamond jewellery? Trust in Midas Jewellery. As one of the leading jewellers for engagement rings in Sydney, our team can help you.

      Amongst our selection of diamond-inspired jewellery, we also display a vast collection of diamond rings. Explore our collection by visiting our website or book a virtual appointment with one of our master jewellers.

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