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The Midas shopping guide for wedding anniversaries

Finding the perfect wedding anniversary gift can be a little challenging, especially if you’re time poor and not sure where to start. From pearl necklaces to diamond rings, there are some traditional gifts to consider for inspiration and plenty of styles to choose from. If your lucky lady would appreciate a new addition to her jewellery collection, this guide will give you a good place to start. From one year on to ten years down the line, here is your Midas guide to wedding anniversaries.

Gold – 1st

A classic first wedding anniversary gift comes in the form of gold. Jewellery in yellow or rose gold works especially well if it matches the bride’s engagement ring or diamond wedding bands. Gold jewellery comes in many forms and you will have plenty to choose from but try to look for a piece that complements the style of jewellery she usually wears. This yellow gold and diamond ring would make a truly stunning gift to commemorate your first year of marriage.

Garnet – 2nd

The second wedding anniversary is usually marked with a present of garnet or rose quartz. The glowing red colour of garnet looks particularly stunning against white diamonds within many different settings. This garnet and diamond cocktail ring would make a stunning anniversary gift to adore and treasure for years to come.

Pearls – 3rd

Pearl necklaces should hold a special place in any jewellery collection with a versatility and charm unlike other designs. For the third wedding anniversary, a lovely strand of white or black Tahitian pearls would make a wonderful choice. Pearl rings and earrings are also easy to pair with many outfits and available in a range of styles to suit every modern woman.

Blue Topaz – 4th

Traditionally, the fourth wedding anniversary is commemorated with topaz. Blue topaz is beautiful in many forms, particularly when paired with diamonds. This dress ring featuring a single blue topaz gemstone surrounded by a halo of diamonds would be a stunning way to celebrate four years of marriage.

Sapphire – 5th

To commemorate five years of marriage, sapphire jewellery is the perfect choice. Sapphires are one of the most stunning coloured gemstones, with regal elegance and a striking appearance. Sapphire and diamond rings or earrings are a beautiful choice for this milestone.

Diamond – 10th

A decade of marriage must be celebrated with the most beautiful gemstone of all, the diamond. A diamond tennis bracelet is an essential piece of jewellery for any woman, making the perfect gift for ten years of marriage. This simple yet beautiful piece of jewellery will hold a special place in her heart for a lifetime.

At Midas Jewellery we love celebrating the special moments with our clients. From engagement rings to anniversary gifts years down the line, there’s a reason our customers keep coming back. To find the perfect gift for your next wedding anniversary, browse our range or visit our master jewellers in store to create the perfect piece for your loved one.

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