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      Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

        The Midas guide to vibrant and striking

        With the new year just beginning, now is the perfect time to shake up your style!

        There’s no better way to make your presence known than with bold jewellery. By wearing vibrant and striking pieces, it can help you get the attention you deserve.

        Not sure how? Take your confidence to the next level with these notable looks!

        Show-stopping pink

        When it comes to bold elegance, there is no way you can go past pink!

        At Midas, our team knows exactly how powerful this colour can be, stealing glances all around.

        From the gorgeous strong tones to the delightful style it provides, there is no resistance to pink-focused jewellery.

        The perfect example is our Romantic Rows of Pink Rubies. Utterly breathtaking, this statement ring features rows of pink rubies and white diamonds set in gold, making it a piece you’ll want to keep close.

        If you prefer something brighter, we suggest you explore our Bright Pink Tourmaline.

        Framed by a gorgeous halo of round brilliant cut diamonds, a pink pear-shaped tourmaline sits in the centre, making this the perfect pair of earrings for a confident woman such as yourself.

        Dazzling emeralds

        With a style that is sure to have you standing out from the crowd, an emerald-based piece is one you’ll want in your jewellery box this year.

        From pendants to rings, emeralds hold an entrancing allure that will leave people stunned.

        For those who want something they can wear day to day, our Glorious Emerald with Double Diamond Halo is a fantastic go-to design that will noticeably suit all outfits.

        Designed with a double halo of white diamonds set in 18ct white gold, this pendant features a dreamy 1.27ct emerald in the middle. Utterly spellbinding, this pendant is the perfect balance of emerald and diamonds.

        For those who have a preference for halo engagement rings, our Oval Emerald with Diamond and Emerald Halo dress ring would certainly suit your style.

        It’s an eye-catching ring that is sure to make your look one they will not forget!

        This halo ring is the ultimate combination of emerald and diamonds. With a daring oval emerald at centre stage, a double halo of white diamonds and emeralds set in 18ct white gold further emphasises this brazen piece.

        Emerald jewellery

        Blinding yellow

        If you are looking to spice up your style, then introducing yellow diamonds into your life might just be the solution you should go for.

        Absolutely radiant, the bright fancy yellow diamond will make a noticeable mark no matter where you go.

        As one of our most exquisite yellow diamond rings, the Fancy Yellow Diamond Clover is sure to brighten up any ensemble.

        Oval yellow diamonds surround an inner diamond of the same tone, creating a clover design that provides utter warmth. Set with a halo of round brilliant diamonds, this distinct style is certainly one you’ll want to witness in person.

        Want something a little more noticeable? Then our Yellow Diamond Earrings will be sure to entice you. There is no way this set can be missed as it elegantly dangles from your ears!

        Dropping from a pear-shaped stud, a dazzling diamond halo highlights the centre yellow diamond, amplifying it for all to see. With its bold and blazing design, this pair is made to light up a room.

        yellow jewellery

        Found the right piece for you? For bold and striking styles, we have got you covered! For more memorable pieces that are to-die-for, visit one of our three Sydney boutiques today!


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