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      The importance of GIA certified diamonds

      Are you searching for the perfect engagement ring? No matter the cut, if it is a diamond you are after, then you’ll want to ensure you select a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) approved diamond.

      GIA is the leading global laboratory when it comes to the diamond industry, making GIA diamonds important for multiple reasons. Holding high expectations, you know when you get a GIA approved diamond, you are getting one of the best around.

      To see exactly how a GIA diamond differs when compared to the average stone, keep reading.


      GIA guarantees genuine diamonds

      Maintaining the highest industry standards, GIA graded diamonds go through a rigorous testing process to ensure you are getting genuine, real diamonds. 

      GIA originated the famous standard of checking 4C’s and sets the benchmark for diamond authenticity. Before a diamond is produced into jewellery, GIA will analyse and accurately report a diamond in its most accurate form, conveying its overall quality. Because they are a credible association of expert gemmologists internationally recognised, GIA provides an unmatched authority. 

      If you find a diamond that isn’t GIA approved, you are gambling with the possibility of buying a fake stone. This is why we are proud to sell GIA diamonds, to give our customers the peace of mind they desire when purchasing our designs.

      GIA means quality

      As mentioned, GIA has a thorough testing process that all of its diamonds go through for official grading.

      In this process, GIA grades a diamond based on the 4C’s: colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. These four grading aspects help you know the worth and value of your diamond, as well as the level of quality it provides.

      This grading system makes it easier for you to verify whether you are getting the level of quality you desire. In short, it is encouraged you only ever seek a GIA diamond as it ensures you are getting the correct value for your money.

      GIA means quality

      GIA diamonds provide authenticity certification

      Just like your home or car, a valuable investment such as diamond engagement rings should come with a certificate as proof of its value.

      Buying a GIA diamond is critical because you get a universal certification that proves its authenticity. A diamond approved by GIA comes with a factual certificate that is incredibly detailed with that particular diamond’s characteristics. This is important as it will come in handy if genuine proof is required.

      Plus, a GIA diamond comes with a physical tag through laser inscription that the naked eye cannot see. This inscription provides a minuscule code on the diamond, so it can always be identified, even if the hard-proof certification goes astray.

      GIA diamonds provide authenticity certification

      When it comes to purchasing diamond rings not just in Sydney but across the globe, it is recommended you request if their diamonds are GIA approved.

      Getting a GIA diamond means not only do you receive the best quality diamond, but you’ll come into possession of a diamond you can cherish for a lifetime.

      To witness our vast range of diamond rings in person, visit any of our three Midas Jewellery boutiques in Sydney.

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