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      The importance of engagement rings and wedding bands

      Engagement rings and wedding bands are two of the most significant jewellery pieces one can wear. A traditional marriage practice that dates back to ancient times, rings are a symbol that represents precious meaning. Undoubtfully romantic, both rings highlight respective milestones in a couple’s relationship.

      But in modern-day times, as we drift further from its origin, the importance of each ring can become unclear to some that are unfamiliar with the origin. As one of the leading jewellers in Sydney, we understand the significance each ring provides to a relationship.

      To discover the individual importance of each ring, keep reading below.


      Where engagement rings and wedding rings originate fromPearl and Diamond Earrings

      Many people may understand engagement rings and wedding rings represent the status of one’s relationship, but most people don’t know the initial idea that sparked the tradition.

      Firstly, it is important to understand why there is a ring finger. Tracing back to Egypt, the ring finger was identified to have ‘the vein of love’ at the top of the finger, directly connected to the heart. This makes it the most sacred finger.

      While rings were different initially, the idea of a circle has remained the same. With no beginning and no end, a ring represents eternity.

      Over time, the rings evolved. To represent the unbreakable love and connection a couple shares, diamond designs became the ultimate symbol. Because diamonds were considered invincible with unmatched strength, the stone was selected and deemed the perfect material.

      Thus, with the tradition of the ring finger and the material’s strength, this is why we see diamond engagement rings today.


      What an engagement ring signifiesPearl and Diamond Earrings

      As stated in its name, an engagement ring represents the engagement of a couple. This is the initial stage of a couple’s commitment to one another and the marriage proposal.

      While it suggests a similar level of devotion and love, it signifies the beginning of a couple’s commitment. The proposal itself acts as a promise that the relationship will soon be officiated, with the ring acting as a statement.

      Acting as a physical representation of a milestone in one’s relationship, the engagement ring also confirms the shared love between a couple. It is a great way to express one’s love for one another. It is the ring that is worn longest as it is kept on even after being joined by the wedding ring.


      What a wedding ring representsPearl and Diamond Earrings

      Arguably the most important ring, the wedding ring is the most significant symbol as it is the official token for a couple’s commitment.

      Not to get confused with the engagement ring, wedding rings are the ultimate emblem for an officiated relationship. Exchanged in the marriage ceremony, these rings are given to both parties, rather than just the bride.

      By exchanging rings between the two, both parties have a symbol that represents the spoken vows. A promise of everlasting honour, support and devotion to one another, it acts as a physical motif for their undying commitment and fidelity.

      To add to its emphasis of love, the bride traditionally wears their wedding ring beneath their engagement ring, closest to the heart.


      Now that you understand each ring’s tradition and unspoken importance, it may be time to consider proposing. If you are looking for exclusive diamond engagement rings in Sydney, trust Midas Jewellery. As your complete jeweller, we proudly showcase a vast collection of wedding rings for future weddings.

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