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      The history of GIA diamonds

      Are you looking for only the best diamond rings in Sydney? Then you will want to ensure you are looking for a jeweller that only ever uses GIA certified diamonds!
      Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the leading authority in gemmology and a universal organisation that certifies genuine diamonds.

      As an independent non-profit organisation, GIA set standards to determine the quality of diamonds and gems. The organisation also conducts extensive research to grade and identify genuine diamonds.

      By conducting unbiased and objective assessments, GIA has been able to create its standard in the form of the 4C’s grading system that proves the authenticity and quality of a diamond.
      Through purchasing a GIA diamond, you know you are getting a real precious stone that has been ranked by its attributes.

      With the condition and nature of the gem ranked, you’ll know exactly what kind of diamond you have and whether it is real.


      Where GIA diamonds began

      For more than 50 years, jewellers globally have been relying on GIA to source and value the diamonds and stones used in jewellery. As the original mastermind and creator of the 4Cs – colour, clarity, cut and carat weight – GIA is recognised by jewellers and customers worldwide.

      GIA history timeline

      GIA was established in 1931 by Robert M. Shipley, a former jeweller. Shipley created GIA with the intent of educating jewellers and upping the standards when it came to buying and selling gems.

      Today, it has become the leading global authority in the source of knowledge, standards and education in gems and jewellery.
      In 1953, GIA issued its first diamond grading report. This report intends to not only display and list the value of the diamond but to help the customer understand the importance of their stone.

      Following the release, this grading report became the industry benchmark for international jewellery. As it continued to evolve, the diamond grading reports we see today include an assessment on the quality of a diamond using the 4Cs and diagrams on the diamond’s characteristics and proportions.

      4Cs of diamond


      The importance of GIA certified diamonds

      As the world’s most trusted leader in the grading industry, GIA certified diamonds are the most reliable when it comes to quality and authenticity. GIA has an incredibly accurate grading system that uses strict and rigorous testing conducted by highly trained and experienced gemologists and scientists.

      If you are looking for genuine diamond engagement rings, be sure you purchase from a jeweller who sources their diamonds from GIA. Not only does it guarantee the diamonds are the real deal, but each diamond comes with a certification that is proof of their value, condition and characteristics.

      For further identification, GIA diamonds will also have a report number laser-inscribed into the diamond. This will match the exact graded diamond so that you can have further evidence of the grade of your diamond.

      This is extremely critical in proving it is a genuine GIA diamond if you ever needed to resell it and verify its quality.

      Where you can get GIA certified diamonds

      Are you looking for authentic diamond jewellery? Whether you want to explore diamond solitaire rings or coloured diamond collections, it’s always best to visit a jeweller who uses GIA diamonds in their collection.

      GIA diamonds are used in many jewellery stores worldwide. However, a lot of stores use other companies for sourcing their diamonds. While authentic diamonds can be sourced in different ways, GIA diamonds are the most universally recognised and trusted.

      The best way to see if a jewellery store is using GIA diamonds is to ask them. Most jewellers using GIA diamonds will be able to provide you with GIA branded charts and materials as evidence.

      Not sure which jewellery store you can rely on? Visit Midas Jewellery! All Midas Jewellery stores only rely on GIA diamonds for our products. This way, we can guarantee you are getting authentic diamonds with a detailed grading and report from the most trusted source.

      To explore our extensive range of diamond jewellery that features GIA diamonds, make sure you visit one of our three Sydney located stores. Only ever sourcing the best stones, our master jewellers embrace GIA graded stones when creating and designing our engagement rings.

      For more information on the quality of our products, send us an enquiry, or better yet, visit our Bondi, Miranda or Parramatta stores to learn more.

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