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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      The best engagement ring for your hand

      When it comes to engagement rings, finding the right one can be tricky. Not only can it be hard to select your dream ring, but it can be difficult finding a ring design that would look perfect on your hand as well.

      Everyone is unique in their own way. Some people have long, thin fingers while others have thicker and shorter ones. So of course, depending on your hands, rings can look completely different on one person compared to another.

      At Midas Jewellery, we offer one of the most versatile collections of engagement rings found in Sydney. Because of this, we can guarantee we will have the best ring for your hand. Pair this with years of experience in the engagement industry, we know what rings suit certain hands.

      Engagement rings for thin slender fingers

      Do you have slender hands? If you have been blessed with slim fingers, then you’ll be able to pull off many ring designs. But to truly balance out your hand, you’ll want to favour rings that have a smaller stone with a thicker band.

      By favouring these particular designs, the small size of the stone paired with a thick band will make your fingers seem wider than they are. To obtain this look, you’ll want to explore smaller solitaire diamond rings that include a round brilliant or marquise diamond.

      The ultimate example for this would be the Split Band Solitaire Diamond with Milgrain Detail. Highlighting a unique design, this solitaire features a round brilliant diamond in the middle. The twisted band that’s dazzled with diamonds provides the thickness your finger needs for balance, with elegant milgrain detailing added for further sophistication.

      Split Band Solitaire Diamond with Milgrain Detail

      Ring designs for long fingers

      For those who have considerably long fingers, good news- you have hands that are compatible with most designs. However, to make the most out of this, your best bet is to favour a ring that will balance out the length of your fingers – meaning, choosing thick ring styles instead of slimmer designs.

      To achieve this, we highly recommend square or round diamond cuts as they don’t emphasise the length of your hand. These include princess, round brilliant and cushion cut engagement rings. Thick bands will also provide balance to your finger as it takes up more space, lessening any elongating effect.

      The ultimate ring for this type of hand would be the Brilliant Double Halo Cushion Cut with Split Shoulders. Not only is this a more prominent design that will take up more space on your finger, but this cushion cut ring has plenty of features that make it easy on the eye, too. Giving it further radiance, the design consists of brilliant round diamonds that aren’t only featured in the double halos, but also travel down through the split shoulders and onto the band.

      Brilliant Double Halo Cushion Cut with Split Shoulders

      Engagement rings suited for wide fingers

      Have wider hands? If you have slightly thicker fingers, you’ll be relieved to know that there are plenty of engagement ring options for your hand shape.

      Due to their fuller look, you’ll want to put a larger ring on your fingers. More substantial and thicker designs will narrow and balance your hand, giving your fingers a thinning effect. Because of this, many designs and features, including large gemstones and broad diamond cuts, would be recommended.

      When looking for a ring, you’ll want to look into designs that feature wide emerald cuts and possibly a three-stone trilogy setting. Large halo engagement rings will also help make your finger seem slimmer. Any of these, paired with a split band or medium to thick sized band, would be best suited.

      A ring that would flatter this hand shape includes the Vintage Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Not only does it feature a large emerald cut at the centre, but it also has a diamond halo to broaden the design. Finishing it off, the diamond band includes stunning milgrain detailing, delivering a vintage style that will effortlessly complement your hand.

      Vintage Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

      Rings for short fingers

      If you have short fingers, there are still many styles that would work well with your hand. For fingers that are generally shorter than the palm, you’ll want to favour delicate ring designs that will contribute to adding the illusion of length to the fingers.

      Because you would want to create the illusion of length, diamonds, including many fancy cuts, would suit your hand well. You would want to stay away from thick bands and large diamonds that would overwhelm your fingers, making them seem even smaller than they are.

      Cuts you should lean more towards include smaller pear and oval designs or long, slim marquise and Asscher cuts. Pair one of these elongating cuts with a thin band and you’ll have a ring that is perfectly balanced for your hand.

      An exemplary piece for this hand shape includes the Oval Solitaire Brilliant Band Engagement Ring. Sat upon a dazzling round brilliant diamond band secured in a four-claw setting, the stunning oval cut diamond shines in the middle. This 18ct white gold engagement ring is the perfect size for those with shorter fingers and will give you the elongating effect you are looking for.

      Still not sure what category you would fall under? Then speak to the experts! Book an exclusive appointment with one of our master jewellers who can walk you through the different engagement ring styles. If you haven’t already, sometimes the best way to truly find the ideal ring is through trying different designs on.

      From the cut to the setting and other ring features, there are many contributions that can determine which ring design would be best for you. Furthermore, our master jewellers have years of experience, being able to give you their expert advice on what would best suit.

      We invite you to make an appointment at your convenience so you can discover the best ring style for you and your hands. Better yet, sit down with our master jeweller and make the ultimate piece by designing a bespoke engagement ring that will truly flatter your hand.

      Don’t wait, book your appointment today through our website or give us a call for more information.

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