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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      Securely storing your jewellery

      Fine jewellery is our speciality. Made with expert skill and passion, our designs are precious to our team and our customers. This is especially true for significant and cherished pieces such as our diamond engagement and wedding rings.

      Because of the pride we take in our designs, we understand how scary it can be to have jewellery stolen and the preventive actions that need to be taken to avoid this.

      To ensure you securely store your jewellery, read below and discover how you can help you keep your precious jewellery collection safe.


      Invest in a jewellery box with a lock

      An excellent way to keep thieving hands away is to protect your jewellery by keeping it in a locked jewellery box. There are plenty of jewellery containers or boxes that come with a key or code lock.

      By locking your jewellery box when not in use, you can help deter possible thieves from gaining access to your box without forcing entry. It is also an excellent way to ensure pieces aren’t possibly knocked out when the box itself is accidentally pushed or dropped.

      Keeping it locked rather than wide open will also give it a better chance of being hidden and concealed from dust and other particles that tarnish it.

      We recommend keeping the jewellery box key in a safe spot that isn’t close by or easily seen.

      Keep your jewellery in a safe

      The ultimate way to keep any expensive belongings, such as diamond engagement rings and other luxurious jewellery, kept secure is to invest in a safe. Allowing that extra sense of security, you can choose to either keep a jewellery box or your most precious individual pieces kept in the safe. 

      This is not only a safe way to keep it stored, but it can also be a good place to keep it in top condition.

      Keeping it locked away, guarded by a hefty container that can only be accessed by fingerprint, key or passcode, is one of the safest ways to store your jewellery. It is also advised to invest in a fire-resistant safe, so you are prepared for all types of emergencies. 

      A good tip is to make the access code hard to figure out, so avoid birthdays or simple number patterns.

      Keep your jewellery in a safe

      Keep your jewellery hidden

      Whether you decide to keep your jewellery kept in a box or safe, the best thing you can do is also keep it out of sight. By placing it in the open, anyone can see you have valuables sitting out freely and feel the impulse to check it out.

      Your best bet is to keep a jewellery box kept away in a cupboard or hidden in a hard-to-find place. As for a safe, you can keep this in a cupboard or wardrobe, possibly hidden beneath or behind clothes.

      Don’t forget to insure your jewellery

      As our hand-crafted jewellery is incredibly valuable, it is highly encouraged to get your pieces insured on top of storing it safely. Because of its cherished value, insurance can give you the peace of mind and security you desire.

      There is no better comfort than knowing your cherished jewellery collection is covered in the worst of situations. To assist your insurance journey, we can provide jewellery valuation for insurance purposes as part of our services. This way you can accurately have your favourite designs insured correctly.

      Now that you know our top ways to keep your jewellery safe, make sure you have your solution before purchasing any more of our collection. Remember, you are better safe than sorry!

      To explore more of our exclusive jewellery designs, visit any of our three stores.

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