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      Proposing in public vs proposing in private

      You’ve found the partner you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now, it is time to make it official and pop the question.

      While we’ve previously listed different ways you can propose and the places you can propose in, it is now time to discuss whether you ask the big question privately or in a more public setting.

      Are you thinking of popping the question? Specialising in diamond engagement rings, the team behind Midas Jewellery hear about countless proposals and can help you choose! Decide if you do it in public or in private by having a look below.


      Proposing in private

      Private proposals are a truly special moment that makes for a sweet and personal memory. From secluded beaches to hotel rooms or an intimate dinner for two, asking the big question in an exclusive environment with no one around has many benefits.

      It is an intimate moment

      Intimate without any distractions, proposing in private can be a cherished memory that oozes romance. No one else is around to ruin the moment between you and your partner, making this the ultimate setting for couples who consider themselves private.

      If you are a couple that likes to keep things close, the intimacy that comes with a personal proposal may be a perfect choice.

      It gives you time to enjoy your moment

      Asking your partner to marry you can be thrilling. But it also may be an occasion that you want to enjoy as a couple for a quick moment.

      Time will feel like it stopped still during this intimate proposal. This provides a moment for just you and your partner to thrive in the blissful milestone without sharing the moment or having to consider other factors.

      It allows you to keep it a secret

      As your proposal is captivated within the bubble of your own exclusivity, a private proposal deters the big news from leaking. This will allow you as a couple to keep it a secret for as long as you want.

      Being a secret, you have the power to choose how you want everyone to find out and time to think of who you will tell first. For those wishing to spring a surprise wedding or engagement party, it will also give you the flexibility to do so if that is more your style.

      Solitaire setting


      Proposing in public

      A proposal is a significant moment in a couple’s relationship and can be the ultimate way to express one’s feelings. Like shouting it out to the world, proposing in public spots like a packed restaurant or tourist destination can be the best choice for many reasons.

      You can express your love and put it on show

      Perfect for those who like public displays of affection, a public proposal can be the top choice for a partner who isn’t afraid of the spotlight and is bursting with pride.

      Choosing a buzzing and busy location allows the proposal to become a momentous event. Making a big show of the milestone will allow you to express your passion and love for your partner with those who witness the event.

      You can incorporate loved ones and services

      Proposing in a public setting with people around allows you to involve your closest loved ones. Being able to hide in crowds will enable you to maintain the element of surprise, having them come out after your partner has said yes to celebrate.

      Furthermore, if you want to include services such as a photographer or performers into your big gesture, public spots allow them to be hidden. It also makes the proposal itself much more impressive to pull off once everything is revealed.

      You have countless location opportunities

      Going public rather than private provides you with an ample amount of opportunity. Instead of being limited to specific secluded locations, the world is your oyster!

      From a holiday destination to the place you first met, having a public proposal allows you to have limitless options in terms of where you can pop the question.

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      Now that you’ve decided how you will propose, ensure you have your engagement ring selected! At Midas Jewellery, we proudly design a broad collection of engagement rings. We also showcase diamond wedding bands for both the bride and groom when it comes to the big day.

      Solitaire setting

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