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      Popular ring predictions for 2021

      A new year is here – and that means the latest trends are on the rise! 

      With each year that goes by, we see a great demand for particular engagement ring styles. From popular metals to favourite cuts, a new year never fails to see a rise in trends.

      To see which engagement ring designs are expected to surge in 2021, have a look at our predictions below.


      Peculiar cuts on the centre stones

      Living up to modern expectations, it is expected to see many peculiar centre stones this year. 

      While traditional cuts remain a timeless option, many modern-day brides are opting for the more recently introduced shapes.

      A cut that may see a lot of popularity this upcoming year is an elongated cushion cut engagement rings. While it still possesses the classic cushion cut name, this is a hybrid take, being a more extended version of the traditional shape.

      This peculiar shape is expected to be all the rage with its ultimate mix of classic meets modern! 

      Other shapes that are likely to see an influx of designs include marquise and pear engagement rings. Coming in less conventional shapes, these rings will appeal to the modern bride who desires a unique ring.

      Peculiar cuts on the centre stones

      Detailed galleries

      Another trend anticipated this year is detailed galleries. 

      While many traditional designs go for simplicity like the classic solitaire diamond ring, detailed galleries go that extra mile. 

      Not only is it a feature that provides further appreciation and style to the ring, but it also completes it with that additional sparkle.

      If your partner appreciates small details, then an intricate gallery is precisely what you need to incorporate in their engagement ring. 

      A detailed gallery can feature the addition of diamonds or the careful introduction of milgrain setting into your ring. The gallery offers an understated yet important canvas for additional elements.

      To bring emphasis to a gallery, duo-tone detailing can make for a breath-taking addition. Choosing intricate metal patterns are also an excellent choice.

      Detailed galleries

      Multiple stone settings

      Multiple stone setting is predicted to be a 2021 favourite, including the two-stone and trilogy settings. 

      Not only do these settings allow the inclusion of an additional stone or two, but it also allows the wearer to have differing stones involved. 

      You can be creative with the combination of different precious stones used for the ring. Whether it be a blend of a ruby and diamond or diamond and blue sapphire ring, the beholder will be able to enjoy more than just one stone.

      Furthermore, both these settings allow for a wide range of unique designs, intricate positioning and various cuts or sizes are all available at your disposal. 

      These settings are incredibly flexible and will be highly appreciated for being so this upcoming year.

      Multiple stone settings

      Fancy any of these trends? Keep an eye out for these trends across the next few months; you may see more of these designs out and about!

      There’s no need to go anywhere else! Our collection offers some of the best engagement rings in Sydney you can discover. Showcasing a variety of cuts, styles and stones, you can rely on Midas Jewellery.

      If you would like to incorporate one of these trends into your design, visit any of our three Midas Jewellery stores. Here you can sit down with an expert master jeweller and get the ring of your dreams created. To book your appointment, click here.

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