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      Popular engagement rings for this year

      We are well and truly into 2019! It has only been a few months, but we’ve already been showered with some glorious celebrity engagements that have brought a spotlight on particular designs.

      Wondering what diamond engagement rings are trending this year? Keep reading below to see which rings will commonly appear on your social feed as we list this year’s popular engagement rings.


      Fancy cut diamonds

      Extremely popular last year, fancy cut diamonds are here to stay! Favoured amongst celebrities, these engagement rings are hot in demand. From oval to emerald cut engagement rings, we have found our customers are loving the cuts that differ from the original round cut.

      Fancy cut diamonds, especially the emerald, have been found to rise in popularity following the engagement of Jennifer Lopez. Like the oval shape, diamond cuts that give a lengthening shape allows the ring to be a statement piece that accentuates and gives a slimming effect to the hand. It also leaves a large impression, as this will allow the diamond to seem bigger than ones of a similar carat size.

      At Midas, we offer a large range of fancy cut rings that will be perfect for anyone who loves this trend!

      • Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring from Alex Rodriguez
      • Emerald cut engagement ring

      Vintage designs

      Like in many aspects – throwbacks are in! From music to fashion, vintage has recently been all the rage. And this year is no exception, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Vintage designs are in demand – and with some gorgeous styles inspired by and based on vintage rings, it is no surprise!

      A timeless ring design is the three stone setting. In 2017, Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a gorgeous three stone diamond engagement ring. Following this proposal, sales of three stone diamond engagement rings have increased, having been strongly influenced by this royal event.

      Halo rings have also seen a large amount of interest this year. A ring design that has been around since the early nine-hundreds, the halo has been utilised in many modern designs. With this design, the centre stone is accentuated and highlighted by the array of diamonds that frame it, showcasing the main diamond for all.

      At Midas, we have a lovely three stone halo design, the Classic Filigree Halo Trilogy. Incorporating both the Halo design and three-stone structure, this is the perfect mix of both modern and vintage, a ring that will be sure to add sophistication to any engagement.

      • Meghan Markle's engagement ring from Prince Harry
      • Three stone diamond engagement ring
      • Halo trilogy diamond engagement ring


      Yellow and rose gold bands

      Yellow and rose gold jewellery have been becoming popular over the last few years. With a style that is expected to continue being a crowd favourite, these coloured rings are a classic design. It was commonly found in engagement rings in the past, but the previous decade found white gold being preferred over the yellow. Now returned, these colours are expected to be the next big thing!

      Regardless whether you’ll choose coloured or clear diamonds, yellow and rose gold bands will match all gemstones. A great example of this is the recent engagement ring spotted on Katy Perry. Featuring a yellow gold band adorned by coloured gems, Perry’s ring is a show-stopping statement piece.

      If you want to have a touch of colour to your engagement ring, our Midas Jewellery stores have a wide range of coloured engagement rings to choose from. Take a look at our rose gold Princess Cut Diamond Split Band, an extravagant ring that is a great example of how utilising rose gold can add further sophistication to your ring.

      • Katy Perry's engagement ring from Orlando Bloom
      • Rose gold diamond split band engagement ring



      Found an engagement ring trend you’d like to invest in? From engagement rings to wedding jewellery, Midas Jewellery has you covered! We invite you to come visit one of our Sydney boutiques to talk with one of our master jewllers to discover the ring of your dreams.

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