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      What are the most popular engagement rings in Australia?

      When you’re shopping for the right design it always helps to know what is popular and why. To find out what brides are loving most and why, here is your essential guide to all the most popular engagement rings in Australia.

      Solitaire Engagement Rings

      The solitaire engagement ring has been the most popular choices for generations of brides. Often featuring a round brilliant diamond, this style of engagement ring attracts traditionalists looking for a design that allows the beauty of the diamond to shine through without distraction. There is also a lot of flexibility in the solitaire design as choice of gemstone, cut and setting can vary. You could choose the popular 4 or 6 prong round diamond solitaire engagement ring or a less common cut of coloured gemstone in a bezel setting.

      Princess Cut Engagement Rings

      Princess cut engagement rings are a modern icon coming in as second most popular after the round brilliant solitaire. This cut has grown in popularity since the 1970s to become one of the most popular choices today featuring elements of both step and brilliant cuts. The princess cut is generally more affordable than the round brilliant but doesn’t quite match the sparkle. However, for a modern and trendy design with a unique sparkle and satisfying symmetry, the princess cut could become a part of your happily ever after.

      Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

      The style of cushion cut engagement rings is ideal for those after something with vintage appeal. The rounded edges give a softer and more feminine look that looks particularly beautiful within a diamond halo setting. The cushion style comes in the antique, brilliant and “crushed ice” cuts, each giving a unique sparkle and appearance through the arrangement of facets. Having been around for hundreds of years, this cut sparkles even in candlelight and retains colour beautifully, making it a popular choice of cut for coloured engagement rings.

      Cushion cut engagement ring

      Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

      Emerald cut engagement rings exude a timeless glamour. The mesmerising step cut draws the eye in giving a depth to the featured diamond and an elegant appearance. The shape of this cut helps to elongate the finger looking particularly beautiful upon a pavé or split band. For an engagement ring with a satisfying symmetry that will turn heads for a lifetime, this stunning design could be for you.

      Halo Engagement Rings

      Diamond halo engagement rings have become one of the most popular styles available on the market. The halo design enhances the featured gemstone, making white diamonds appear larger and coloured stones look even more striking. Matching beautifully with a pavé band, a diamond halo design will give your engagement ring sparkly security and trendy beauty.

      oval cut engagement ring

      Oval engagement rings

      Oval engagement rings have become incredibly popular in recent years as the flattering style has won the hearts of modern brides across the world. The elongated shape suits almost everyone looking particularly impressive within a diamond halo. The oval shape is often more affordable than other choices such as the round cut, despite appearing larger. Pair with rose gold for a feminine and beautiful engagement ring for all to admire.

      Split Band Engagement Rings

      The design of split band engagement rings is truly special. This style gives the design impressive structure and a unique appearance that draws attention to the featured stone. Split band rings looks especially beautiful with a pavé detail to add sparkle and charm. This flattering design suits many different gemstones and cuts to give a truly lovely appearance.


      three stone engagement rings

      Three Stone Engagement Rings

      Trilogy rings, or three stone engagement rings, provide both a lovely appearance and heartfelt symbol of your union. Each of the three stones represent the past, present and future of your relationship give the design flexibility in the choice of both gemstones and cuts that can be used. Whether you choose to use three of the same stones or a combination of colours and styles, trilogy diamond rings are bound to give your engagement ring a unique appearance and charm.

      Sapphire engagement rings

      Sapphire engagement rings are a choice that is truly fit for royalty. Following Princess Diana’s engagement with a stunning sapphire and diamond ring, the popularity of this style has grown amongst brides across Australia and the world. Believed to represent wisdom, sincerity and fidelity, the sapphire is beautiful for both its striking colouring and its hidden meaning. For a ring that brings out the best in both coloured gemstones and diamonds, a sapphire engagement ring could be the perfect choice for you.

      Sapphire engagement rings
      yellow diamond engagement ring

      Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

      Yellow diamond rings offer a warmth and beauty unlike other gemstones used in engagement rings. With many celebrities choosing to feature canary diamonds in their engagement ring, the popularity of these designs has soared. When paired with white metals and white diamonds, the golden colouring of yellow diamonds is intensified, creating a truly magnetic shine that charms all. Yellow diamonds present a luxury choice of engagement ring that will leave you breathless.

      If you are wanting to buy a stunning diamond engagement ring for your loved one or looking to design the perfect wedding rings in Sydney, Midas Jewellery will deliver. With the help of our experienced master jewellers, you can find the ring of your dreams to cherish for a lifetime. Visit us in store or make an appointment with one of our master jewellers through our website to start your search for the perfect engagement ring.

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