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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      Persuasion of coloured diamonds

      When it comes to diamond jewellery, there is nothing bolder than a coloured diamond centre stone. With many options available, coloured diamonds are indeed a magical feature that stands out from the rest.

      As one of the most extensive jewellers in Sydney, we have a collection unlike any other, so we certainly love our coloured diamonds.

      Do you want to understand coloured diamonds and discover why this might be what you needed? Keep reading below.

      What are coloured diamonds?

      Fancy coloured diamonds are precisely that — diamonds with colour. These gemstones offer a compelling variety that a clear diamond cannot.

      Not only do they add colour and character to a jewellery design, but they also come in a broad range of hues that are utterly enchanting and astonishing to witness. The variety of colours include, but are not limited to, yellow, pink, red, black, purple and blue.

      Rarer than a colourless diamond, these stones exceed the standard D-Z chart. Due to their strong tones and tints, coloured diamonds have their own grading chart that is assessed on their hue, tone and colour saturation.

      Introduced in the mid-90s by GIA, these classes included Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Dark and Fancy Intense.

      Although many are lab-created to manipulate the colour or tone of the stone, lots of coloured diamonds are natural. The formation process is near the same as a clear diamond. However, foreign particles get trapped within the crystallisation process. Because of these particles, the chemicals in the process change, impacting the colour of the diamond.

      • Pink Diamond Pavé Split Band
      • Intense Yellow Oval Cut Diamond
      • Fancy Black and White Diamonds

      What makes coloured diamonds so appealing?

      As mentioned earlier, coloured diamonds provide a character and sense of colour that a colourless diamond cannot offer.

      Their stunning tones and different options make coloured diamonds a true art that many desire to incorporate into their fashion. From dress jewellery to engagement rings, they provide that splash of colour and sophistication many strive to possess.

      Amongst their vibrant tones, coloured diamonds are also considered rare. Because of this uncommon status, many of them are highly sought-after.

      This makes the stones not only exclusive, but also less accessible than your simple colourless diamond. This gives it further appeal to those in the jewellery market.

      • Yellow Diamond Earrings
      • Rare Pink Diamond
      • Radiant Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

      Can I get a coloured diamond in my engagement rings?

      If you love coloured diamonds, then you’ll be ecstatic to know you can get an engagement ring that features one from any of our three stores.

      With a vast collection of yellow diamond rings and other coloured diamonds in our stores, there is sure to be a ring you’ll fall in love with.

      As coloured diamonds provide a sense of identity, we know many of our clients would love to use it in a custom-made design. That is why we also offer our bespoke custom design engagement ring service to help create the coloured diamond ring of your dreams!

      Whether you want pink, black or yellow, our master jeweller will help you create the ultimate unique masterpiece.

      • Black Diamond Cushion Cut Engagement Ring
      • Fancy Yellow Diamond Cushion Cut
      • Vintage Pink Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

      Love colour? Then come and visit one of our three Sydney boutiques to find the right piece for you. Showcasing bespoke coloured diamond rings, necklaces and earrings, we will have a piece you will absolutely adore.

      Furthermore, we also have a full collection of coloured engagement rings for you to explore. From coloured diamonds to sapphire engagement rings, the team at Midas Jewellery can help you find the ideal engagement ring for you!

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