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      Making the most of Valentine’s Day 2021

      With a new year just beginning, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

      As a day dedicated to celebrating love and affection, there is no better time to spoil your significant other. In uncertain times, now is your chance to treat your partner with a Valentine’s Day they won’t forget!

      Although there may be restrictions stopping you from celebrating the holiday as usual, you can still create a day they’ll cherish and adore. 

      Are you looking for ideas? Let one of the best jewellers in Sydney show you how you can make the most of this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Read below to see what you can do!


      Create a romantic at-home date

      While many restaurants still have their doors opened, nothing will beat staying in the comfort and safety of your own home this year. 

      Not only are you more secure, but this provides a more intimate environment for you and your significant other to enjoy.

      Not too confident? Being at home doesn’t have the be the same-old-same-old! Skip the dull expectations and get creative by doing something special!

      Did you have to cancel a holiday due to border restrictions recently? Replicate the said holiday location by getting props and decorating your living room! 

      From a beach wonderland to a European cultural experience, effort will transform your home into the ultimate date location.

      If the weather is right, a nice idea is to set up your backyard with fairy lights, a picnic blanket and an array of their favourite foods. 

      For those wanting a gourmet experience, you could always hire a food truck for that further wow-factor.

      With some planning and thought, you can pull off the ultimate Valentine’s date night without leaving your front door!

      Create a romantic at-home date

      Show your love through diamonds

      Are you looking for a gift that will blow them away? Show them how much you love them by gifting them diamonds!

      As a classic present that radiates romance and love, diamond jewellery continues to stand the test of time. So much so, diamonds are the traditional precious theme of the prestigious 60th marriage anniversary. 

      By presenting them with a precious stone such as a diamond, you can convey your feelings to your partner with this gift. Not sure what jewellery piece would be best for your partner? Let the Midas Jewellery team assist!

      For something sweet but subtle, a pair of sophisticated diamond earrings will make the perfect surprise. 

      From simple diamond studs to the more extravagant drop designs, we offer a generous selection of diamond earrings for you to choose from.

      Wanting to surprise them with a ring? We showcase some of the most dazzling diamond rings found in Sydney

      To discover the ultimate present, we invite you to explore our collection of dress rings! Offering yellow, white and rose gold, we have plenty of diamond rings on offer for your sweetheart.

      For other diamond jewellery pieces, be sure to visit one of three Sydney boutiques to witness our extensive selection. We even offer diamond heart pieces, perfectly suited for the occasion! With Midas Jewellery, you’ll be sure to find the ideal diamond design for your lover!

      Show your love through diamonds

      Take your partner on an outdoor adventure

      Have you been spending a lot of times indoors? Take a break from the confinements of your home and take your date outdoors!

      Mix up your regular routine by appreciating the beauty of nature on Valentine’s Day. 

      Although specific locations and services may currently be unavailable, there are still plenty of adventures waiting for you to enjoy in the great outdoors.

      Whether it is a physical activity (like kayaking or yachting) or an outdoor dining experience (like a park picnic or a takeaway dinner on the beach), you can find an activity suited for any couple.

      Other ideas include taking a secluded hike overlooking the ocean and visiting a magical lookout at sunset – equipped with a decadent dessert to enjoy during the show. 

      There are plenty of opportunities out there. Not only can you still maintain social distancing, but also allows you to get some air as a couple. 

      Think of your partner and something they would enjoy. No matter your budget, there will be something for you to do together.

      Take your partner on an outdoor adventure

      Surprise them with an engagement ring

      For the most significant shock on Valentine’s Day, we suggest you take advantage of the love-dedicated day by popping the question.

      As the biggest day for love, many partners are known to propose on this holiday. 

      It is a splendid way to solidify the testament of your love and is a fitting date to always remember the momentous milestone.

      Whether you do it at home, outdoors, or at a restaurant, an engagement ring will still surprise your partner no matter where you propose.

      At Midas Jewellery, we house some of the most enchanting engagement rings found in Australia. If you are ready to propose, we invite you to come in and explore our wide range of rings.

      Our experienced master jewellers create all our wedding rings in-house, allowing our authentic craftsmanship to be truly represented. 

      We display a grand selection of designs, varying in cuts, colours and stones.

      For those looking for a more bespoke design, we also offer custom design services. This way, you can create your partner’s dream ring with the guidance and assistance of an expert. 

      To book your appointment with our master jeweller, visit our website.

      Surprise them with an engagement ring

      Ready to buy the ideal Valentine’s Day gift? Visit any of our three Sydney boutiques. Spread across Westfield Shopping Centres in Bondi, Parramatta and Miranda, you’ll find a convenient location near you.

      For a sneak peek into our collection, visit our website now!

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