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      Lab-created vs real diamonds

      Over recent decades, the diamond jewellery industry has drastically evolved. No longer is it as straightforward as choosing a diamond. Since the introduction of lab-created diamonds (also known as ‘synthetic lab-grown diamonds’), the selection process has become more complex.

      When looking at diamond wedding rings or engagement rings, the overall diamond’s quality must be of concern to the buyer. Synthetic diamonds were introduced as an alternative to natural diamonds, and for the untrained eye, it can be hard to decipher the difference between them.

      To understand the two types of diamonds and which one suits your needs, we break them down and compare both below.


      The creation process

      The most significant difference between the two is the way both are created. While both natural and synthetic diamonds appear similar, they have two vastly different sources.

      A traditional diamond is a natural element that has been mined. Formed deep in the earth through crystallisation, a diamond is the result of exposure to high pressure and temperature. Once formed, it is brought to the earth’s surface via volcanic activity.

      Distinguished in its name, a lab-created diamond is a man-made product produced in a laboratory. It is grown artificially by using controlled environments that mimic the conditions that form the natural counterpart.

      Because of its organic creation, a natural diamond is formed over billions of years, whereas lab-created diamonds can be grown within weeks.

      The creation process

      Overall quality

      Despite the different creation processes, the two diamonds share a similar result in quality. This can make it hard to decide between the two.

      Sharing the beloved clarity and ability to reflect light, both natural and lab-created diamonds have an identical appearance. In fact, the two look so similar and the differences between them can only be identified and seen by trained gemmologists.

      If you want a crystal diamond with little to no impurities, you’ll want a synthetic diamond. Due to its controlled creation process, lab-created diamonds have been created to perfection. In comparison, a natural stone has been formed on its own, meaning impurities are included at different degrees.

      GIA Diamonds grade both types of diamonds. However, due to their different nature, they come with varying grading systems. While natural diamonds are graded D-to-Z in colour, other category terms are used to report lab-created diamonds to differentiate the two.

      Overall quality

      The top choice

      Overall, the difference between a natural diamond and a lab-created diamond comes down to the preference and budget of the consumer.

      Although it may have an increased price tag, many people prefer a naturally formed diamond as it is a classic element, especially in diamond engagement rings. The genuine authenticity of the stone is a fact many people take pleasure in when wearing such pieces, making its status critical to many.

      A lab-created diamond makes an excellent solution for those with a tighter budget and who doesn’t mind the alternative. While it isn’t formed naturally, it provides the same aesthetic, making it an appealing solution that is justified.

      The top choice

      If you are looking for authentic diamond jewellery, trust Midas Jewellery. As an official supplier of GIA Diamonds, our products come with a verified certification to confirm the stone’s authenticity.

      To explore our designs, visit our website or book an appointment with our master jeweller.

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