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      Jewellery you’ve seen on the screen

      When it comes to movies, many aspects help drive it to success in the box office. From the quality of the storyline to the actors and even the props, there are many reasons a film may become a crowd-favourite.

      Throughout history, there have been many films that have left their mark on the world through jewellery.

      That’s right! In some films, the costume and prop department has hit the mark so well, that audience members can recognise or identify jewellery from their favourite movies.

      A fantastic way to associate with their all-time favourite movies is by owning jewellery that holds a strong similarity to a piece that’s used on set. It is a great means to get the audience feeling connected to a film that is close to their heart.

      Whether you want to relate to a certain character, or you just have a deep attachment to a particular movie, jewellery is a great way to embrace and feel a connection to films you love.

      To see the top pieces many will remember from your most-loved films, keep reading below!


      Arguably one of the most iconic movies to date. James Cameron’s 1997 Titanic features one of the most recognisable pieces of jewellery from a film. Yes, you guessed it! It is the radiating and well-known Heart of the Ocean.

      The fictional necklace is highly valued due to the expensive heart-shaped blue diamond and white gold setting.

      With many reproductions of the movie prop being sold worldwide, it is understandable why this style of jewellery is sought after.

      Not only is it iconic, but its sentimental shape also makes it the ideal anniversary or engagement present.

      Want to mirror the beauty and grace of the necklace that’s gifted to Kate Winslet’s ‘Rose’? Then we suggest our stunning Sapphire and Diamond Pavé Split Band.

      Sharing the same royal blue shade, the centre sapphire is utterly captivating, radiating the same appeal as the blue diamond in the movie.

      Other similarities include the round brilliant diamond halos that are set around each piece. Also, whilst our ring has a pavé band, the necklace has a diamond chain.

      • Sapphire and Diamond Pavé Split Band

      Girl with a Pearl Earring

      Inspired by Johannes Vermeer’s renowned painting under the same name, the novel Girl with a Pearl Earring was adapted into a film in 2003.

      Starring Scarlett Johansson, the famous pearl earrings spotted throughout the movie is truly a divine yet simple pair.

      A timeless jewellery that is still popular today, pearl earrings are an elegant addition to any outfit. If you are looking for a pair that resembles the iconic ones highlighted in both the movie and the art, then Midas Jewellery has the answer for you!

      Showcasing a wide range of earrings that feature the lustrous South Sea Pearl, a stellar option for those wanting to mimic the pair from the movie is our Rose Gold Pearl Drop and Diamond Earrings.

      With the sophisticated pearls hanging from a divine gold strand, it shares a similar design. These are the perfect earrings for your next formal event.

      • Girl with a Pearl Earring
      • Rose Gold Pearl Drop and Diamond Earrings

      How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

      Easily one of the best romantic comedies around, 2003’s How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days features one of the most striking pieces in film history.

      Partially focusing on an Advertising Gala for diamonds, the movie is no stranger to jewellery.

      However, the main diamond to take the cake is the Isadora Diamond worn by Kate Hudson’s character, Andie Anderson.

      The yellow diamond necklace is just as bold as it is flattering, perfectly matching the main character’s outfit. Not only did it amplify her beauty, but it also helped her stand out from the crowded ball.

      If you want to have a piece that has the same poise and beauty as this iconic necklace, then we recommend you explore our yellow diamond rings.

      From square cuts to halo encrusted designs, our fancy yellow diamond engagement rings are the perfect selection for your bold and sophisticated partner.

      • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
      • Intense Yellow Oval Cut Diamond

      The Great Gatsby

      One for the times, Bas Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby not only portrays the historical trends of the art deco period, but also showcases the interesting jewellery of that time.

      Taking place in 1922, this novel-turned-movie was released in 2013, educating the world in Gatsby fashion.

      The perfect model, character Daisy Buchanan was often adorned with exemplary pieces from the historical era, as were many of the cast.

      From pearls to intricate art deco inspired jewellery, this is the ideal movie for those wanting to be inspired.

      If you are after some art deco themed pieces, then our collection can help you! A great Gatsby influenced jewellery piece is our Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ring.

      Having the perfect balance, this sapphire and diamond ring is a design that will instantly transport you back in time due to its ranging cuts and shapes, creating a classical eye-catching pattern.

      • The Great Gatsby
      • The Great Gatsby

      Pretty Woman

      Another must-see is Pretty Woman. It is said to be an updated twist on Cinderella, focusing on the main character, Vivian, played by Julia Roberts.

      Released in 1990, this film incorporates a memorable piece of jewellery that has since become well-known.

      Worn by Robert’s character, the enchanting ruby and diamond necklace is certainly one that can’t be sneezed at.

      With the piece utilising a diamond and jewel pattern throughout, the show-stopping necklace shares an eerily similar look to one in our very own collection.

      If you want to truly feel like a pretty woman, you will certainly want to own our Oval Sapphire Necklace.

      A truly engaging piece, you will quickly see the resemblance in the two designs. With the main difference being the stone, our necklace uses daring deep blue sapphires that will still deliver the same justice as the ruby design.

      • Pretty Woman
      • Oval Sapphire Necklace


      Found the piece that will help you channel your inner movie star? From classics to modern-day hits, jewellery is a timeless element that is shared across all eras. And with its beauty, it is easy to see why.

      To get your jewellery box updated, visit one of our three Sydney boutiques, where our friendly Midas Jewellery team can help you find the ultimate piece.

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