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      Jewellery trends: Autumn/winter 2020

      As 2020 rapidly continues to move forward, we now find ourselves heading towards the coldest part of the year.

      And with the change in weather means a change of wardrobe in the fashion world!

      From lengthy garments to warmer accessories, autumn and winter are two of the significant times of the year where we change our look to adapt to the new season.

      And just like your clothes, your jewellery should be no different!

      Want to see what your jewellery collection should consist of this autumn and winter? Keep reading below to ensure you are on top of the trends these upcoming months.

      Statement earrings

      The cold and wet weather brings bigger and chunkier clothing. From oversized coats to furry tops, there is no escaping layered outfits!

      Whereas it may keep you warm, it can also discourage any notice of your accessories. With daintier pieces camouflaged by material, you must invest in accessories that won’t get lost in your outfit!

      A great way to do this is to purchase statement earrings that are sure to make their presence known. With a large personality being projected, there is no way your new accessories can be tied down by wild hair and bulky clothing!

      When looking for a pair of statement earrings, it is always good to think long and oversized. The more over-the-top, the more attention it will find. And if it comes with colour, that’s even better!

      For a pair of statement earrings that will be sure to catch the attention of all around, our Aquamarine and Diamond Drop Earrings will be sure to stand out. With an elegant drop, this lengthy pair could never go unnoticed!

      • Earrings
      • Drop earrings

      Colourful jewellery designs

      When it comes to the colder seasons, many people tend to go for the darker look, creating the gloomy colour palette both winter and autumn fashion are well-known for.

      From resembling dark fallen leaves to earthy tones, dull jewellery can often be dismissed in a world of bleakness. That is why you should expect to see an explosion of colourful jewellery this year.

      Already spotted on the runway, colourful jewellery will help you stand out from the crowd. Whether it be yellow diamond rings or more outrageous neon designs, colour is a tool you should expect to see often.

      A fantastic way to add bright colour to your ensemble is by wearing colourful rings.

      With an endless variety of not only dress rings, but colourful engagement rings, we recommend using a coloured stone that will have you radiating from the rest.

      Our Fancy Pear Yellow Diamond with Halo ring features a vibrant yellow pear diamond that will guarantee the added colour you need not just this season, but all year-round.

      • Gemstone rings

      Edgy jewellery

      From chains to chokers, the next couple of seasons are sure to get a little edgier. Introducing a funky-gothic vibe that is heavily influenced by previous decades, jewellery is set to see a rebellious trend.

      As this is recently seen on the runways of New York and London Fashion week, it will be no surprise when you start to see a lot of edgy and gothic influenced pieces appear on the streets. This jewellery trend is a stylish way to have your layered ensemble stand out and will certainly be a way to add further intensity to your look.

      If you are looking to introduce an edge to your jewellery collection, we suggest exploring black diamonds.

      Not only do they perfectly match the dark gothic vibe, but also because these are incredibly intense, oozing a feel of ‘glamour meets darkness’.

      A piece that will sing to your fashionable wild side, our Fancy Black and White Diamonds dress ring will be sure to add that extra edge you desire.

      Designed to showcase an intricate mix-and-match of diamond-covered strands, this rose gold piece will not go down quietly.

      With a unique combination of black and white diamonds used, this is sure to be a ring you’ll adore.

      When it comes to jewellery, Midas Jewellery has what it takes to get you up to trend with any season. With an uncompromised passion for jewellery, we can provide you with our services that go above and beyond.

      Designing some of the most exclusive diamonds rings found in Sydney, there is no way you can go past our team. For a further look at our extensive jewellery collection, visit any of our three Sydney locations today.

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