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      Jewellery seen at the 2021 ARIA Awards

      The biggest night in the Australian music industry, the annual Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Music Awards, was held this year on November 24.

      With the restrictions from this year’s lockdown slowly easing in Sydney, the 2021 ARIA Awards was broadcasted globally on YouTube, live from Sydney’s iconic Taronga Zoo. It featured a solid line-up of performances from Australian artists and attendance from some internationally recognised performers.

      But most notably, it also saw a lot of fashionable attire on the red carpet. With the guests and presenters dressing to impress, there was plenty of jewellery pieces that deserved their own award.

      As one of the leading jewellers in Sydney, we want to help you achieve the same glamorous essence many stars exuded on the night. If you are looking to discover what the stars wore to Australia music’s biggest night of the year, have a look below.

      Tsehay Hawkins

      The newest member to join The Wiggles, Tsehay Hawkins, made her debut on the 2021 ARIA Awards red carpet looking divine. While she has adopted the iconic yellow skivvy when part of the group, the 16-year-old decided on wearing an elegant blue gown to the award ceremony.

      Complimenting her dress, Hawkins completed her ensemble with a range of sparkling white jewellery to match her heels. Consisting of heart-shaped earrings, a choker necklace and a layered bangle, her selection of designs are universal choices that many would adore.

      For a similar style that would seamlessly join Hawkins style, our Black Rhodium Chain bracelet would make a flattering addition. This elegant fine diamond design is delicate yet striking with its intricate curl design and rows of diamonds, making it the perfect fit for Hawkins’ look. Visit one of our three Sydney boutiques if you are looking for a bracelet like this.

      • Tsehay Hawkins
      • Black Rhodium Chain

      Brooke Boney

      The host of the night, Brooke Boney, hit the red carpet in an elegant silky two-piece set. The entertainment reporter radiated in her sophisticated white blouse and cream trousers outfit.

      Adding to her ensemble, Boney tastefully introduced a dazzling amount of bling to the look. Opting for a diamond-encrusted belt, loop earrings and diamond rings, she achieved a compelling balance of silk and diamond.

      Delivering a fabulous yet graceful aesthetic, our Brilliant Emerald Diamond Channel Band would complement Boney’s refined style. An inner channel of emerald cut diamonds surrounded on either side by brilliant round diamonds, this ring design would enhance the silk ensemble. Available through our online store, you can purchase this jewellery piece yourself to convey Brooke’s style.

      • Brooke Boney
      • Brilliant Emerald Diamond Channel Band

      Vera Blue

      Vera Blue arrived at the award show with a fashionable impact by gracing the red carpet in a 1920s inspired attire. Wearing a top created from jewel straps that exposed a blank bandeau underneath, the singer-songwriter opted for a lacey pale pink skirt, decorated with a glittery, flowery and leafy pattern.

      Finishing off her eccentric look, Blue completed off her outfit with a range of accessories. Introducing fingerless bedazzled gloves, she didn’t need much jewellery. The gloves and her diamond-encrusted top already delivered a dazzling amount of sparkle. Instead, Blue completed her ensemble with subtle earrings.

      If your outfit is doing most of the talking, take inspiration from Blue by going for a faint hint of jewellery rather than trying to compete with your heavy ensemble. We have a selection of minimalistic earrings, such as our Pearl and Diamond Flower Earrings, to achieve the same aesthetic. Find them on our website or by visiting our stores.

      • Vera Blue
      • Pearl and Diamond Flower Earrings

      Found a style you take inspiration from? Visit Midas Jewellery! While we specialise in diamond engagement rings, we also display an array of fine jewellery that will enhance your style.

      Complete with hundreds of designs, you can conveniently shop our jewellery collection through our online store or come in and witness the beautifully crafted designs for yourself in-store.

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